Working From Home

5 Great Work-From-Home Job Opportunities

The recent events of the pandemic have affected people worldwide, causing many of them to lose their jobs. This means that people are now looking for ways to work from home and make a living or some extra money. Although it is very difficult to accomplish, there are a lot of available professions for people to do from their homes and have a decent salary. Even though working … [Read more...]

Why You Need Plants in Your Home Office

Millions of people have been forced to work from home this year, which means there are millions of people with a little bit of extra time to spend on the house. This time at home has sparked a new enthusiasm for plants and gardening. So, what's all the fuss about? Before the pandemic, houseplants were already growing in popularity with the younger generations. The reason? … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Working from Home

Working from home is exciting to those doing it for the very first time. Most newbies assume that things are going to be easy and not as difficult as commuting to work every day. However, that is far from the truth. Here at Invicta Agency, we’re all about growth for individuals and businesses. That is why we have prepared a list of things you should do to achieve success and … [Read more...]

Start a Side Business from Your Home

The primary reason many people go into business is to earn more money. However, you may also be searching for a new challenge and a sense of fulfillment. Whatever your motivations, finding the right new venture is the first step. Depending on your choice and circumstance, you may need to fund your business via external sources. Before you make decisions that you cannot … [Read more...]

How to Not Feel So Alone When Working from Home

I’m a social person. Yes, I’m the one who will stand in line behind you at the grocery store and attempt to make small talk about the weather or some other irrelevant topic. I don’t do it to be annoying, I promise you. It’s just that I really enjoy speaking with others and learning about their opinions and life experiences. That’s why I sometimes struggle as a solopreneur who … [Read more...]

5 Best Tips to Successfully Manage Remote Teams

A few years ago, work from home became a fad as more and more people began to develop the courage required to start their own online businesses. Today, this trend solidified itself because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and working from home or working remotely has become more common than it ever was. Remote work can be termed an inevitable necessity across the world today, … [Read more...]

What Jobs Can You Do from Home?

The UK economy has always evolved and innovated over time, especially with the rise of freelancers and self-employed workers that reshaped the labor market considerably during the digital age. Over the past few months, many people have lost their jobs or have been encouraged to work from home, which can give lots of opportunities to either branch out and try something new or to … [Read more...]

The New Work Trends Post COVID-19

The office hasn’t been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world with a vengeance in early winter. For many people, the office hasn’t even been in use since February or March. The term “work” has taken on a brand new meaning as people adjust to new formats, and HR leaders all over the world are rethinking workforce and employee planning strategies day by day. The … [Read more...]

5 Awesome Gadgets Business Owners Can Have in Their Home Office

Thanks to technological improvements of the past couple of years, working remotely has been made easier, and many entrepreneurs are now operating their businesses from home offices. Working from home has many advantages, among them reduced operational costs and increased convenience, but it comes with some downsides too. For one, communication from a home office is much … [Read more...]

How Do We Stay Sane When Our Workdays Become Just One Long Conference Call? Three Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Do these thoughts sound familiar. I bet they do. ·       I am on virtual meetings all day and I am dying (maybe not literally, but figuratively). ·       I cannot seem to break the monotony of endless back-to-back virtual meetings. ·       My head hurts from the pinch of that headset forever glued to the side of my head. ·       You say “we can’t hear you – you’re … [Read more...]