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Different Platforms for Podcasters

Different Platforms for Podcasters

Podcasts have been around for a time now, and while most of us are content to listen to them, there are some people who have thought of starting their own podcast. Thanks to advancements in technology, people now have the opportunity to make that dream a reality and can talk about topics that they are passionate about on their own podcast. If you are interested in creating your own podcast, you will need to find a platform or site to host your podcast. Fortunately, there are numerous platforms now made available and below are a few types you can choose from.

Simple Platforms

Simple platforms are podcast hosting platforms that focus on simple but effective features. With an intuitive user interface, these podcast hosting services make it easy for you to upload your audio content, and there are step by step guides to help you navigate the platform. Even the stats presented are easy to understand. Overall, simple platforms create a smooth experience even for the novice and budding podcasters.

Scalable Platforms

There are also podcast hosting platforms that focus on growing your audience. To help you do this, the dashboards of these platforms are often intuitive and present clear but thorough statistics. This is great for growing your audience because you can shape your content to attract lager audiences after analyzing your statistics. Often, these platforms do not impose a limit on the number of podcasts you can host or the number of team members you can add, which is another great benefit.

Aesthetically Pleasing Platforms

If you want your podcast’s layout to be aesthetically pleasing, you will be able to find beautifully designed podcast platforms that display your audio content in a visually appealing manner. Apart from the design, these hosting services also offer additional storage, unlimited bandwidth, and premium statistics on most plans offered. The downside of aesthetically pleasing platforms is that the stats presented can be overwhelming or complex for those who are not technologically adept.

Portable Platforms

Some hosting services are portable, which means that they are available not only on desktop computers but on mobile devices as well. You will be able to record, edit, and manage your podcasts through an app that can be installed on your mobile device. With portable platforms, you will be able to reach more of your target listeners, broadcast live, and even chat with your listeners.

Popular Platforms

A final group of podcast platforms that you can choose from is popular platforms. These popular platforms are often used by some of the biggest names in podcasting, and, more often than not, these platforms are reliable, offer easy to switch plans, and give you the ability to promote through multiple platforms. Perhaps the main drawback of popular platforms is that they may not be so friendly to beginners in podcasting.

When you are looking for a platform to host your podcast, consider the restrictions on episodes or bandwidth that a podcast hosting site may impose. Also consider the promotion or marketing features available, as well as the compliance of its analytics features. If your budget is small, you may want to leverage free podcast hosting, but in the process, you will sacrifice some premium features that are available with more expensive platforms. When you have considered all of these factors you will find the perfect podcast hosting platform for your needs.

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