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Eight Best APIs for Business Professionals

Eight Best APIs for Business Professionals

Successful business professionals use technology to drive their operations forward. In particular, more and more businesses are using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for a variety of purposes. APIs can create, integrate, or enhance business applications like accounting, file management, email marketing, and digital signatures. Check out the following eight best APIs that could transform your business.


MailChimp provides your business with an entire marketing software solution. The MailChimp API allows users to sync subscriber data and campaign statistics between MailChimp and a database. So, stop monkeying around and use MailChimp to enhance your business’s marketing.

WhatsApp Business API

More and more business professionals are using WhatsApp to communicate with their colleagues and teams these days, but did you know there is a specific WhatsApp application specifically for businesses? The WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to interact and reach customers through messages and calls that have end-to-end encryption. That means messages and calls have additional security that allows only the business and the individual it is communicating with to have access to the content being shared.

OpenWeatherMap API

If you travel for business a lot, or if the operations of your company are affected by weather conditions, you need to be aware of the latest weather updates. Weather APIs allow you to connect weather forecasts and historical information to make informed decisions for your company. With the OpenWeatherMap API, you can access a wide variety of weather data, such as forecasts, weather stations, and weather alerts. The API also provides data about pollution, such as carbon monoxide and ozone levels.

Yelp Fusion API

Any type of business will find Yelp Fusion API beneficial as it can be used to retrieve business reviews and ratings, as well as location information and photographs. The API will find up to 1,000 businesses based on the search criteria you enter, so you can discover businesses’ addresses, ratings, prices, hours of operation, and much more.


Business runs so much more smoothly and effectively when you can access information from one single place. The Slack API brings together all of your team’s files, messages, and posts from sites like Google Docs, Dropbox, and Twitter. Furthermore, Slack enables users to integrate the API with other third-party applications and comes with real-time messaging for embedding real-time chat functionality.

Exact Online

If your business is related to manufacturing, wholesale distribution, or accounting, consider getting the Exact Online API. It enables the incorporation of Exact Online functions into third-party applications. The API services include documents, assets, payroll, CRM, projects, and more.

Adobe Sign

When sharing business documents, you will need them to be as secure as possible. The Adobe Sign API can help as it enables developers to integrate electronic signatures into their applications. That means files are secure, and developers can authenticate the documents.

FreshBooks API

Every business has invoicing and accounting needs, so let the FreshBooks API be your all-in-one solution. The API allows you to access data using JSON, and can be used to create desktop and web applications that integrate with your account. API methods can be used to manage invoices, expenses, reports, clients, and more.

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