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Why Is Commercial Cleaning So Important for Businesses?

Why Is Commercial Cleaning So Important for Businesses?

When starting a business, there are many things to consider. How much will clients be charged for contracts? What office space is the best value for money? How many staff members will be required? In the midst of all these questions, there is one thing that often slips the mind of new business owners– commercial cleaning.

Excitement and anticipation of finally getting into that office space and commencing hard work can often leave the importance of commercial cleaning to be overlooked, especially since cleaning staff are often “invisible” to the daily office staff and a well-kept space can be taken for granted.

In this post, we discuss just a few of the reasons why every business should budget for professional cleaners and ensure a neat and tidy workspace.

Increase Productivity

If there is any reason to do anything within the business, this is number one. A clean workspace has been proven to increase productivity within the workplace. This simply means that cognitive task quality can be increased dramatically with uncluttered areas and hygienic workstations. Clean air also plays a huge role in how productive staff are, so it’s important to get that dust, dirt, and grime out of the office.

Make the Right Impression

As the saying goes, there’s no second chance for a first impression. Visiting clients can quickly be put off from signing contracts when presented with a messy office or meeting room. A neglected workspace reflects badly on all areas of a business, after all, if those in charge neglect their own space, what other areas of the business are ignored?

It isn’t just clients who will be left with the wrong impression, potential new employees, who could be the perfect fit for an opening role, can be reluctant to accept a job offer if they believe they will be spending eight hours a day working in filth.

Improve Morale

Staff morale is crucial to maintain if you want your business to be successful. Unhappy employees are unlikely to be able to produce quality work, leading to high staff turnaround rates.

Even something as small as an unhygienic washroom can leave staff dreading their working day. Every business owner should want their employees to look forward to being within the office, and maintaining a clean work environment shows staff they are valued.

Reduce Sick Leave

Sick bugs and viruses spread like wildfire within offices, especially as staff spend most of their time within such close proximity with others. When one person comes down with an illness, it can be common for the entire workforce to be affected. This can lead to high levels of sick days taken and man-hours lost, which could result in a loss of revenue.

Professional cleaners are the experts in properly disinfecting surfaces and know the extra little areas, such as light switches and door handles, that are often missed. Relaying to cleaners that there is an illness being spread around the office means they can take extra care when performing their daily tasks to reduce the spread of germs.

They Are the Experts

Professional commercial cleaners have experience in all manners of cleaning, and while staff may have a great idea of how to clean their own home, rarely will they know how to clean an office properly.

Not only will commercial cleaners know how to properly disinfect, tidy up and remove common office stains, but they also come with the best tools for the job. Traditional household cleaners and equipment aren’t always up for the task of business cleaning and investing in a commercial vacuum or hiring industrial carpet cleaners can be costly and time-consuming. So, leave these tasks and costs to the professionals and never have to give it a second thought.

Remove Hazards

Health and safety are incredibly important in every workplace, but they are often overlooked, especially in a busy environment. Not only can hazards to people’s health and safety cause harm to staff and visitors, but business owners could see themselves faced with a costly lawsuit if they have not taken to proper precautions to prevent these issues.

Professional commercial cleaners know how to handle these hazards in the right way, from removing debris from stairs and corridors, to the simple act of putting up wet floor signs when spills have occurred can make a huge difference. Even storing cleaning products should be conducted in the right way. All good commercial cleaners are training in COSHH and color-coded cleaning, meaning there is no risk of cross-contamination of hazardous products.

Remove the Hassle

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest reasons anyone hires a cleaner is simply because they don’t want to do it themselves. Staff don’t want to work hard all day, only to have to clean up after each other and their focus shouldn’t be taken away from their daily work to have to clean workstations and shared spaces.

Commercial cleaners remove this hassle for employees and work at a time that is agreed to work for all parties, meaning cleaning never gets in the way of employees.

Overall, there really is little reason to not invest in professional commercial cleaning. Without it, there poses a risk of unmotivated employees, clients being given the wrong impression, and even people getting seriously ill or injured. An untidy office can be rectified easily but can make a huge negative impact if forgotten about.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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