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Cleaning Supplies for a Yearly Deep Clean

Cleaning Supplies for a Yearly Deep Clean

We all seem to spend a lot of our time cleaning. However, once a year it is a good idea to spend some extra time giving your home or office a thorough deep clean. Here are some products that will help you clean the areas of your home or office that your usual cleaning routine doesn’t reach.

Rubber Gloves

A day spent cleaning is tough on your hands. Each time you dip them in soapy water, use caustic cleaning products, and expose them to cold air when cleaning the yard, you are drying your skin out a bit more. If you are not careful to protect your hands, they are likely to end up red and sore by the end of the day.

A pair of rubber gloves will protect them from bleach, hot water, and everything else. It’s also worth protecting your clothes too!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a store cupboard essential that comes in handy if you are planning to deep-clean your home or office. You can use baking soda to perform a great many tasks, from removing stains on kitchen countertops and refreshing the inside of a refrigerator to degreasing an oven and deodorizing upholstery and carpets. Buy an extra-large container and use it in every room.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is ideal for cleaning glass and other shiny surfaces. Use it to clean your windows on the inside, polish mirrors, and clean glass cabinets.

Microfiber Clothes

Invest in a large pack of microfiber clothes before you begin deep cleaning. Divide them up and use one for each task. For example, use one cloth for cleaning bathroom sinks and shower trays, one more for polishing glass shower screens and mirrors, and another for scrubbing toilets. This helps prevent any cross-contamination.

The great thing about microfiber clothes is that they can be washed and reused multiple times.

Extendable Duster

An extendable duster is useful for removing cobwebs and dust from areas you never normally touch during routine cleaning sessions. In a room with high ceilings, such as an office or period property, there are likely to be cobwebs in corners and around light fittings. Use an extendable duster to remove them if your vacuum cleaner hand-held attachment won’t reach that far.

Electrostatic Sprayers

Electrostatic sprayers are a great invention and offer cutting-edge technology to give your home or office space a thorough deep clean. They distribute sanitizer quickly using a lot less liquid than standard cleaners. This makes them more cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly too. The sanitized area dries quickly as so little liquid is used, making it safe to walk on within minutes. This is especially useful in a busy reception area or a part of your home that sees a lot of footfall.

These jobs only need to be carried out once per year. However, they are important so make a list and make sure that they are carried out annually if you want to stay on top of deep cleaning your home or office.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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