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Sending Fax Using Your Computer

Sending Fax Using Your Computer

Fax machines are used in corporate settings to send large files to other organizations or clients. Today, thanks to technology advances, the good thing is that you don’t need to buy units for the fax machine; you can use computer-based apps to fax large files to a recipient using just your computer.

What Are Fax Apps?

Fax apps are installed on local area networks (LAN) to enable applications, users, networks, and systems connected to the web to receive and send a fax online. The fax server is connected to an onsite analog or cloud to transmit the fax documents securely which is more economical for the organization.

Open Text RightFax

RightFax is one of the most common apps used in an organization to send and receive fax documents with a computer as the app is configurable to the computer settings and supports the features of a fax machine. The app also enables sending documents in a secure manner which reduces risk and allows proper document workflow.

A business can also opt for a server-based model that efficiently handles all the faxing in a cloud-based model. Another added benefit is that the app works with diversified services where you can create documents and use the app to send it to the right destination.


eFax allows the user to send and receive large files using a phone, computer, or tablet and is one of the easiest and fastest methods of faxing documents. The app does not require specific hardware or software for it to work, making it extra convenient. It also sends the documents directly to yours and your recipient’s inbox, ensuring the security and confidentiality of the files.


Zetafax is another program that delivers fax documents in a secure and fast manner. The app is easy to install, navigate, and manage and it handles multiple faxing needs, making ideal for most organizations.

The app is cloud-based and allows the users to send fax documents remotely. The app can also translate your file into a faxable text and automatically send it to the recipient and it has an added feature known as Fax Relay, where the user can keep a record of the faxed documents and retrieve them for future use.

My Fax

MyFax is a simplified method of faxing documents without scanning or printing. The app removes a fax machine’s necessity as you can digitally send and receive faxes via email, website, or mobile app.

Advantages of Using the Computer-Based Apps

·        Cost effective—Computer based apps reduce the need to send paper documents but opt for electronic records, which are cheaper.

·        Increased efficiency– The process of sending and receiving faxed documents is simplified.

·        Quick retrieval of documents– The apps enable automation of processes so businesses have quick access to send and received files.

·        Integrates with numerous applications—Computer based apps also have the ability to incorporate with most apps to ensure the sending and receiving of files quickly.

Bottom Line

Computer-based fax apps are revolutionizing the process of sending and receiving faxed documents as the digital platform enables the use of electronic documents that are cost-effective and efficient. To add to that, the method of sending the documents is secure and allows the confidentiality of the submitted files. Ensure you select the best apps that can configure with existing apps and services and integrate with your business needs.

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