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How to Check the Daily Status of Amusement Equipment

How to Check the Daily Status of Amusement Equipment

Checking the status of any equipment is to determine whether its operation is normal or not. One easy way of checking this is to look for abnormal signs and degradations. Tracking these abnormal signs to the level of predicting the degree of deterioration of the system is the key part of checking the status of the equipment.

If we have to consider status, specifically of amusement equipment, then there is need to know what amusement rides actually are.

“An amusement device or equipment is an item operated to provide entertainment, sightseeing, or amusement through the movement of rides, part of these equipment, or the movement when the passenger travels or moves around or along the equipment.”

The same steps for monitoring equipment go for monitoring the status of amusement rides. Starting with grasping the root cause of failure and then taking some pertinent measures to control and to prevent the repetitive occurrence of damage in future. This is one way of minimizing loss and improving equipment utilization.

Benefits of regular checkups on equipment include the following:

  • You can have exact knowledge of equipment features.
  • Help in determining the need for repairment or replacement of any part.
  • You can make full use of the potential of equipment components.
  • Avoid excessive maintenance on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Ultimately it reduces outage losses.

Common methods used for state monitoring include auscultation, contact and observatory methods.

Auscultation Method

When amusement rides are working normally, they typically have sound with certain melody and rhyme. The operational staff is familiar with this smooth sound, and as long as it remains familiar, it means the system is running well.

“Auscultation method is assessing the abnormality in machines through human auditory mechanisms that compare it with normal sound.”

To find general equipment failure, which usually results in abnormal sound, the operator should pay proper attention by listening and checking continuously on the equipment from time to time.

For example, despite a continuous rolling hiss, if roller rotations are giving irregular vibrational noise, then it has nothing to do with metal and the outer ring, the root cause is lack of inner lubrication of the rolling and the problem could be easily solved by timely supplement of lubrication oil.

Contact Measurement Method

The contact measurement method is completed by checking the status of equipment via the sense of touch. When equipment runs for long periods of time, vibrations, temperature increases, and changes in spacing of parts can be detected by the touch of the hand.

Method of Observation

The human sense of sight can also be used for the purpose of observing various loose, damaged, or cracked parts of equipment. We can also detect when lubrication is smooth and there is no dry friction by observing the indicators of various reaction devices installed on the equipment.

The benefit of consistent observatory checkup is on the side of comprehensive analysis. One can draw and can make a judgment on location, cause, and extent of the fault.

The above-mentioned monitoring methods play a decisive role in the daily maintenance of amusement facilities. The purpose for using these methods is to catch problems with amusement equipment before it becomes a large expensive issue and to enhance the quality of amusement equipment.

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