5 Ways to Buy Bargains at an Agricultural Auction

Auctions follow one simple rule: the highest bidder always wins. It’s a numbers game where goods go to a person who’s willing to pay top dollar for them. There’s no room for hesitation in an auction; either you go big or go home. Agricultural or farm auctions are no different. Farm owners will do everything to cut their expenses wherever possible by buying second hand tools … [Read more...]

4 Types of Assets You Can Use for Securing Business Funding

Running and growing a business requires investment – both in effort and money. Even if you have enough capital on hand in the early days of your business, there’s a big chance you’ll need more down the road to fund business initiatives like expansion, inventory top-ups, renovations, and product addition, among others. Asset-based funding is one of the most common funding … [Read more...]

A Guide to Commercial Electrical Safety Tips

The safety of a workforce is paramount in all workplaces, particularly the safety of workers exposed to electrical hazards. Within the trade industry, machinists, builders and other workers are surrounded by potential electrical hazards in their day-to-day role, from machinery, electrical wiring and exposed cables, so it is vital for employees to know how to remain safe at … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Leasing Equipment for Your Small Business

Depending on what industry you’re in, obtaining equipment can absorb a large portion of your expense budget. In fact, according to studies, on average a restaurant will spend at least $100,000 on kitchen equipment alone, and another $30,000 to $40,000 on tables and chairs. Acquiring advanced equipment for numerous other business operations also result in large expenditures … [Read more...]

7 Easy Tips for Maintaining Business Equipment

Even simple business equipment is expensive. Most startups and small businesses have to take out a large bank loan to be able to afford more complex hardware, and in most cases, the state of this equipment will directly influence how well you can conduct your business. Given all these facts, it comes as a great surprise to learn that so many businesses simply aren’t taking … [Read more...]

How to Check the Daily Status of Amusement Equipment

Checking the status of any equipment is to determine whether its operation is normal or not. One easy way of checking this is to look for abnormal signs and degradations. Tracking these abnormal signs to the level of predicting the degree of deterioration of the system is the key part of checking the status of the equipment. If we have to consider status, specifically … [Read more...]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing a Franking Machine

Franking machine rental is a good choice for businesses that would like to profit from Royal Mail’s price cut policy on franking machine prices, but don’t want to buy a franking machine outright because of the huge capital outlay. If savings on the initial investment appear as an obvious advantage, there’re other benefits to the system, but also a few disadvantages that … [Read more...]