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5 Tools You Can Use to Set Up and Track Remote Work

5 Tools You Can Use to Set Up and Track Remote Work

People today do not understand how lucky they are to live in the 21st century. Of course, not everything around today’s society is perfect, but the improvement of advanced technology has allowed us to live a more comfortable life. Those changes are visible in all areas of life, and they are especially noticeable in the business world.

For example, companies operate differently compared to a business that worked fifteen years ago. It is easier today to start a business and promote it thanks to online technology. Social media, SEO, blogs, vlogs, and other promotional channels will help entrepreneurs reach their target audience easier, and the best part is that small business owners do not have to invest a fortune to reach their goal.

Remote working existed before the pandemic as well. More precisely, nearly 4.7 million people were working remotely from home even before the pandemic; however, we need to accept that the Coronavirus messed up the plans of many companies. Fortunately, advanced technology allowed people to adjust to the current situation. In the era of social distance, more and more people are deciding on remote work, and the effectiveness of businesses won’t reduce while the security of workers remains at the highest level.

Some business owners, however, hesitate to decide on that move to remote working because they believe the level of discipline among workers will reduce. Fortunately, the solution to that problem exists, and it comes in the form of different software solutions.

These software solutions allow entrepreneurs to set up and track remote work. In that way, they will successfully control the work of their employees, and they will also get the necessary insights to make correct decisions for the future.

There are different types of software solutions you can use. In this article, we will highlight five different categories of tools that will boost the productivity of your business. Let’s take a look at them.

Time Tracking Tools

Using time tracking tools is good for many reasons. First of all, it will improve the productivity of all business operations as entrepreneurs will be able to manage and track different trends among their company, target all the disadvantages of their organization, and fix them.

That being said, there is one thing that all entrepreneurs should know. Some tasks of your workers are metaphorically invisible. For instance, meetings, projects communication, and other similar job duties are those that entrepreneurs often don’t report. However, they also require the time and effort of your workers. While they work on the accomplishment of these tasks, they won’t have time to focus on some other “more visible” tasks. Fortunately, the time tracking apps are there to help and give you clear insights on all the tasks that exist.

Schedule Software

There are many reasons why you should give scheduling software a try. Many people say that time tracking and scheduling tools are one and the same. However, that is not quite true. The combination of these two tools is perfect for entrepreneurs that collaborate with remote workers.

First and foremost, you will be able to control your costs. More precisely, you will get the essential data on sales and wages in real-time. That means you will always know how to organize your budget. You may spend too much money on people that are not accomplishing the desired results. If that’s the case, you will know how to reorganize your investments. On the other hand, you will also know how to reward the workers that bring the best results with their hard work.

Empty shifts is a characteristic issue for remote work, but depending on the app you choose, you can allow workers to apply for the shift on their own. After you check the applications, you can decide on the one that will potentially bring the best results.

Finally, the flexibility of these tools is the number one reason why people decide on using them. Entrepreneurs can use them from any location in the world to manage the schedule. Logically, the place where they are located needs to have a strong Wi-Fi connection; however, in today’s world, something like that isn’t a problem.

Team Collaboration Tools

Communication is the key to success in every possible field of life. The same rule counts for a happy marriage, sports teams, and company teams; however, establishing good communication while most of your team members work from home is not easy. That is the reason why communication issues often occur.

You should not wait for times of poor communication to come before you start using these collaborative tools. Instead, ensure reliable communication channels before the remote collaboration even starts. Use programs and apps that are easy to use, and ones that at least ensure audio and video calling, instant messaging, and file sharing.

Cloud Storage Tools

There is a huge mistake that teams often make: they use email as a tool for communication and sharing files. This is a tradition that businesses from different fields have used for many years, but working with data in today’s world is not the same as before. Business files and data are usually more demanding, and, in most cases, you won’t manage to send them by email.

Cloud storage tools are a great option for handling large multimedia files and documents because it keeps all the files in one centralized and secured place while also boosting the productivity of the entire team.

Quick Feedback Tools

Let’s imagine that your entire team is working in one office. When an employee makes a mistake, you will easily give him instruction on how to fix it; however, something like that is a bit more complex among remote teams. That is the reason why you need to find a way to give quick feedback on all the tasks that remote workers accomplish.

On the other end of that, employees also need to have the chance to give their feedback. Some tools allow workers to anonymously share their happiness with everything associated inside the organization. In that way, you will be able to see how to motivate all your remote workers. If you notice that their level of motivation goes down, you will have to find a way to inspire them.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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