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Ways to Improve Your Office Space for Better Employee Productivity

Ways to Improve Your Office Space for Better Employee Productivity

It’s often noted that when you want a flower to grow, it’s important to place it in the right environment. People are a lot like plants. If you place people in the most optimal environment, this can lead to beneficial results. If you want to make sure your employees become more productive and fruitful, improve your office space to make it conducive to productivity. Implement the following tips in order to get started.

Choose the Right Paint Colors

Consider painting the walls a different color. Whether you choose to do a statement wall or paint all four, paint has a way of transforming a space. While off-white and white are common colors for the interior, consider choosing colors that are proven to inspire and encourage productivity. From a psychological perspective, there are four colors that inspire: red, yellow, blue, and green.

Red holds the power to stimulate and invoke a physical response. Blue is perfect for those who need help with concentrating on a monotonous task for hours. Yellow is considered one of the most positive colors to include. It can boost a person’s confidence level and produce an optimal mood for a productive workday. Green is synonymous with harmony. If the work environment tends to be a high-stress situation, green can provide a sense of calm and peace.

Include Natural Elements

Nature is one of the most healing elements to take advantage of. Many people love to go for a midday walk to get some fresh air and reset their minds. However, you can also bring some of nature’s elements indoors. Start placing indoor plants around the office. Cultivate a green thumb in order to take good care of them because they can improve a person’s ability to concentrate and be productive by 15%.

The workplace is often connected to stress. Indoor plants are known to provide a sense of calm. As they’re able to reduce the stress levels of your employees, you’ll increase your chances of getting a higher level of productivity from them.

Purchase Comfortable Furniture

If a person feels uncomfortable, this is going to distract them from producing optimal work. Sure, they might be able to fight through the discomfort for a day, but this isn’t sustainable. Make the investment in quality furniture that’s both comfortable and professional. In a call center, install a call center workstation that helps employees remain productive and physically supported as they have to sit for hours at a time.

Utilize Natural Light

If you have windows in your office building, be intentional about using them. Depending on the time of day, you might have to utilize the blinds in order to avoid blinding your employees with direct sunlight. However, natural light is a mood booster. When the sun is shining, people tend to feel better. Consider those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Natural light or artificial light that mimics natural light helps significantly. Also, consider how fluorescent lighting can be depressing as well. By swapping out the light bulbs and opening the windows, you can provide a more upbeat environment for everyone.

Include Interesting Amenities

Most people love great amenities. In the office, amenities might look different. However, a few options include cubbies where employees can work privately, napping pods for employees who need a quick nap, and an in-house gym. These luxuries can make a difference in how an employee feels about their company. When they’re able to see that their employer cares enough to provide free snacks in the company kitchen, this gesture shows care and concern about their overall well-being. Providing healthy snacks, telecommuting once or twice a week, and bike storage areas are just a few of the ways you can move the needle forward in making sure your employees know that you’ll provide a safe, healthy environment that’s conducive to their productivity.

Oftentimes, there’s a dominant conversation surrounding what an employee needs to do in order to keep their job. However, there’s an undercurrent of more employers struggling to keep employees. As more people long for autonomy in the area of employment, employers are forced to become more strategic and innovative in their efforts to retain talent. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your workplace and support your employees in their ability to remain happy and productive. By prioritizing the details of a great office space, you’ll be off to a great start as an employer.

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