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How Unified Communications Could Turbocharge Your Business

How Unified Communications Could Turbocharge Your Business

Over the years, the communications industry has been taking steps towards virtual operations. As it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with new innovations in technology, many are turning to unified communications to keep their competitive advantage.

What Is Unified Communications?

Unified communications, in short, is the unifying of communications platforms. In other words, it is when numerous communications tools are integrated into a singular product. This one solution, which can be controlled by an app or a web interface, can be made up of instant messaging, voice, audio, video conferencing, data sharing, and so much more. This means that user experience can be unified across multiple types of media and devices.

How Can this Turbocharge Your Business?

There are endless ways that unified communications can have a positive impact on your business. Your business communications system can really increase in performance, it can boost employee productivity, and it can really help provide a positive customer experience.

Firstly, by combining many different platforms into one, easy to use solution, you can save your employees a lot of time. It makes it a lot easier to find information and relay it, whether it is to another colleague, an investor, or a customer. Whether you need to provide customer service communications or communicate within the office, your employees will save so much time. Instead of having to trawl through various different programs for each thing, everything will all be together in one software.

This can also increase productivity and customer experience. By allowing your employees to more easily access information to help with customer queries, this means that they will be able to answer more questions and provide a better service.

By making communication easier and more streamlined, it can also increase internal communications. Not only will your staff be able to communicate with each other, they will be able to ask for help in a way that is clear. For example, if someone has a live chat, they could instant message a colleague for advice, and copy and paste the answer to the customer.

How Unified Communications Can Help

The great thing about unified communications is that when your business inevitably grows, it is super easy to upgrade. Unified communications are all cloud-based, working through an app or a web interface. This means that updates, maintenance, and upgrades can be instantaneous. Plus, they will all be done online with no need to change any physical infrastructure.

You can even move to a bigger office and just take it with you with barely any fuss! The software works as a virtual office of sorts, allowing you to easily work from anywhere, whether it is remotely from home, from the local coffee shop, or your new office. There is no need to change any numbers. This means that you can also make calls in a different country, such as in an outsourced customer service branch, and it would appear to be coming from the location of your main offices.

As you can see, unified communications is an innovative way to help grow your business and increase productivity, ease of communication, accuracy, and customer experience. And when your business grows, your unified communications system will adapt with you. It’s a match made in heaven.

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by Brian Perry // Brian Perry is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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