Brian Perry 

Five Characteristics of Flourishing Innovators

If you want to innovate, irrespective of title or responsibility, start by recognizing your greatest asset: your mind. Change, development, and values are the foundation of a culture of continuous innovation. Historically, inventors have been motivated by a desire to better the lives of those around them. Their aim was to find a solution to a particular problem. Often, the … [Read more...]

3 Things No Small Business Can Do Without

Owning and operating a small business can be just as terrifying as it is exciting. You have finally reached a point in life where you can be your own boss and do things the way you had always imagined they should be done. Unfortunately, in the process, you may have overlooked a few things no small business can do without. If you are missing one or more of the following, then … [Read more...]

10 Benefits of Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Like any other business process, sales and marketing can be outsourced to a provider. These processes can be outsourced either partially or entirely. Either way, outsourcing brings lots of benefits to companies. The biggest benefit comes when a business plans to expand in new markets. Below are reasons why you should consider outsourcing. Speed When outsourcing business … [Read more...]

Top five factors to consider in fundamental analysis

CFD traders should do an analysis of the company fundamentals to know about the value of financial security. Traders always focus on doing technical analysis. For this reason, they can’t make money. But, if they can do the fundamental analysis properly, they might make more money. Traders need to understand how to take the action for making money. So, they need to do the task … [Read more...]

What You Should Know Before Buying a Franchise

Every day, new small business owners and entrepreneurs buy a franchise and get set up with resources that they expect to be able to use to dominate a sales territory. Even though they may show up with the best intentions and commitment, owning a franchise of an established brand doesn’t guarantee success. Buying a franchise is anything but a hands-off business or passive … [Read more...]

5 Questions You Should Ask about Your Small Business Insurance

Starting a new business often comes with new issues, among them the need to buy business insurance. While this might be challenging for first-time entrepreneurs, small business insurance doesn't differ much from auto and homeowners insurance policies. All require that you pay premiums to the insurance carrier in exchange for financial restitution in case of unexpected events. … [Read more...]

5 Risks Tree Trimmer Businesses Need to Be Aware Of

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, tree trimming is one of the most dangerous contracting businesses to run-- and it’s not surprising, given the type of work your company does. Tree trimmers are in the business of trimming limbs and cutting down trees. Whether a branch is dying and must be removed for safety, or because it is growing too close to a power line, it … [Read more...]

How to Cut Production Costs in Car Assembling Business

We've seen everything! Businesses that flourish in the most competitive conditions, as well as those that should. They all come to us asking for better ways to do things, for systems to be streamlined, for production costs to be reduced, and for profits to be increased. Many characteristics are shared by organizations that flourish and succeed. The primary factor is … [Read more...]

Can a Business Be Sued for Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit that’s brought when someone dies because of the negligence of the defendant or their intentional actions. A wrongful death claim is brought by someone’s estate or the relatives of the person who died. The lawsuit is against the party legally liable for the death. There are varying wrongful death laws in each state, but they’re usually fairly … [Read more...]

The Crucial Role of Financial Sector in Economic Growth

The financial sector plays a central part in the functioning of the economy. It works between borrowers and savers. For example, savers deposits their money in banks, creating an opportunity for borrowers to take funds for business, households, etc. The economy runs through coordination with the financial sector including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, … [Read more...]