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Time-Proven Tactics for Real Estate Agents Selling a Listing

Time-Proven Tactics for Real Estate Agents Selling a Listing

As a homeowner, it’s important to hire a realtor to assist you with listing and selling your home to prevent it from sitting on the market and losing value. When it comes to selling homes, real estate agents know the tools and techniques to use to attract buyers to a property. If you’re ready to find a buyer, there are a few time-proven tactics for real estate agents selling a listing.

List it on Your State’s MLS

Real estate agents can list a property on your state’s MLS, which is necessary to increase its exposure and make it easy for other people to find. It’s a free search that allows other agents or buyers to find real estate listings.

It also allows brokers to post information about properties and work with other brokers to start the transaction. Listing the property on MLS can make it easier to become more competitive and have the advantage when it comes to finding a buyer.

MLSs include brokers who are connected to different brokerage firms, which often use different business models. The platform has hundreds of fields of information about the facts and features of the property.

Social/Digital Marketing

As more people spend time online, social/digital marketing is one of the most important tootls for real estate agents to use to get the information out about the property they’re listing. w

There are many ways to digitally market a real estate listing, one of which is developing an email campaign. Real estate agents can also create a user-friendly website and allow you to have a place to post important details and information about the property.e

The site should be quick and easy to navigate to prevent visitors from leaving if it takes too long to load. The agent may even add a blog on the site and incorporate SEO to make the listing easier to find to increase your traffic.

Pay-per-click advertising is another useful tool to use to generate more leads. It’s a useful and affordable way to market the property because you only have to pay for the ad if someone clicks on it.

Your agent may even suggest hosting a virtual tour to allow online viewers a look inside the property to entice them to check it out in person. Virtual tours are proven to generate revenue 49% faster compared to those who fail to include a video. Use real footage of the property, make the tour 3D to make it look realistic, and allow the video to be interactive.


Experienced real estate agents, such as The Kay-Grant Group in Scottsdale, are great at networking, which allows other professionals in the industry to learn about your property and share the information with other buyers or real estate agents. Real estate agents understand the importance of networking and make friends with potential buyers, contractors, appraisers, and home stagers.

As their client, you can have access to different types of people they’re connected to, whether you need to get the home appraised or the bedrooms need to be staged.

You can have peace of mind knowing the people they’re connected to in the industry are reputable due to their experience with them. It will also allow you to save time obtaining the right contacts instead of attempting to search for people on your own and hope they work out.

Preparing the Home for Sale

Real estate agents know how to prepare the home and get it in excellent shape to ensure it sells quickly. Preparing the home is essential to ensure it stands out on the market amongst the competition and to allow buyers to envision themselves living in the house.

The agent may want to perform repairs and upgrades to boost the functionality and value of the property. There may be leaky faucets in the bathroom or a few missing shingles that need attention. Most buyers don’t want to have to do a lot of work on the property or invest more money into it after they move into the building.

The agent may also guide you with working on the landscaping because it’s the first impression you make to buyers. The lawn should look healthy and vibrant without any dead spots. Address numbers and mailboxes can also be replaced if they’re old or outdated.

Time on Market

Real estate agents have a lot of experience and expertise in the real estate market and are aware of its current trends. As a seller, they can inform you of important facts to ensure you know how to sell your home quickly without making mistakes due to a lack of knowledge.

They can also know how quickly you need to sell the property before it starts to lose value. The agent will be aware of how many days the average property sits on the market before it sells in your local area and can use that information to gauge how long it should take you to find a buyer.

Knowledge of Market Prices

One of the most common mistakes many sellers make when they attempt to list their home without the help of a real estate agent is pricing their home incorrectly. Real estate agents have knowledge of market prices and are aware of what similar homes in the neighborhood are selling for to ensure you price it accurately.

Many sellers can become emotional and base the price on their feelings towards the home, which can make it easy to price it too high and turn off potential buyers. Pricing it too low can also mean losing money during the transaction.

Price Negotiation

Real estate agents are skilled in negotiating with buyers, which can allow you to earn more money instead of attempting to do it yourself if you have a lack of experience. The agent knows how to work with the buyer without turning them off with the counteroffers or creating tension.

They understand what techniques or tactics work and what ones don’t. It’s also their job to work hard to get you the best-selling price on the property, which allows both of you to earn more money once you sell the house.


There are many tactics real estate agents use for selling a home, which can work to your advantage when you want to list the property. Understanding the value of their services can make it easier to understand the importance of hiring an agent to sell your home instead of attempting to do it yourself.

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