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Business and Social Distancing Tips

Business and Social Distancing Tips

Every generation believes the world is going through changes. From the 19th century introduction of steam trains and light bulbs to 20th century TVs, telephones, air travel, and the internet, we’ve come a long way – and we’re still going.  They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and following recent world events, there has certainly been a necessity to explore ways of trading with minimized human contact. With that in mind, let’s look at some helpful social distancing tips for business.

Digital Money

For some business ventures, in-person payment systems are still required (see more details on introducing a wireless point of sale system).  If you run a car garage or a hair salon, for example, dealing with people in person is a large part of your job. Although it’s sensible to assume that not many people will want to pay in cash, it’s also worth considering that not everybody will want to pay online. They will expect to be able to pay using a wireless point of sale system. Not only can you ensure that you have an on-site payment option for customers who have not settled their bill online, but you can ensure that you are offering your customers a socially distanced experience, even when paying.

Online Conferencing

Browsing is difficult via online portals. Gaining an appreciation for a product’s true size and quality is not easy (many of us have experienced purchasing an item that turns out to be different in person from what we thought we bought online). That’s where online conferencing comes in.  Although online conferencing is designed primarily for the business community to meet virtually and discuss everything from branding and sales plans to company logo redesigns, it’s something you can leverage to help build trust. Socially distanced conferencing allows you to offer your customers the option of browsing products with you as a live host. Customers can invite friends and family to join the meeting, and you can build rapport while meeting social distancing guidelines. The sale of high-end purchases would benefit in particular from a virtual conference. If your customer is looking to buy a home entertainment system or a motor vehicle, or even install a home gym, a walk-around conference meeting can help build trust in the product.

Online Booking System

Paying for things online is something that children and young adults born after the turn of the century take for granted. But online transactions only began in the ‘90s. That’s why business minds can sometimes be forgiven for forgetting that people enjoy online options.  Sometimes, your customers may need a virtual appointment with you before deciding to commit to a sale. Rather than face a barrage of calls (or allowing your customers to turn up at random to ask about the option of booking a meeting), you can cut the corner by offering an online booking system to accompany your online payment options.   Allowing your customers to choose a time and date from your available meeting slots tells the world that you are taking social distancing seriously. Where a business takes the little things into account, customers are far more likely to be impressed and stay loyal.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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