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Which Industries Have Benefited from the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Which Industries Have Benefited from the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Despite all the chaos that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses and industries have been able to use it to their advantage. While hospitality and retail may have had one of the worst years in decades due to the fact that more people than ever were staying at home and only leaving the house for the essentials, other industries have seriously thrived throughout the pandemic. So, which have been among the best-performing industries during COVID-19?

Health and Safety Products

With other businesses looking to put as many safety measures as possible in place to encourage customers to feel safe and shop with them more often, health and safety product sales have boomed. Sneeze guards have become an essential part of almost every business where people are gathered together including retail, hospitality, and offices. You can avoid sickness spreading in your office with sneeze guards from BarrierLab as people begin to return to work. Plexiglass barriers are one of the best-selling safety products since they are easy to use and do not compromise communication while providing an additional safety layer.


The cleaning and hygiene industries have also seen a huge boom over the past year as more individuals and companies have amped up their hygiene standards in order to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19. Hand sanitizer, for example, sold out at the beginning of the pandemic and was difficult to get hold of, leading those stores who did have some in stock to bump up the prices due to the massive demand. While hand sanitizer is no longer flying off the shelves, it’s still become a normal part of grocery shopping for many people and sales are higher than ever.

Online Shopping

The eCommerce industry seriously boomed over the COVID-19 pandemic as people turned to shopping online with regular retail stores closed to the public temporarily. And even when retail stores began to reopen again, many people chose to continue shopping at the eCommerce site or app for their favorite stores in order to protect their own health and reduce their risk of catching COVID-19.


While doctors, nurses, and other professionals in healthcare have faced the risk of catching the virus, the pharmaceutical industry has been pretty much immune to COVID-19. If anything, the high dependence on the pharmaceutical industry on the frontline of fighting COVID-19 has led to this industry thriving, along with many connected industries including the sale of disinfectants, which have recorded their highest sales numbers.


With most of the world moving online for work, shopping, and more to facilitate staying at home and reducing the spread of COVID-19, the IT industry has also benefited significantly from the pandemic. The work from home approach taken by many companies during the pandemic has seriously benefited apps such as Zoom, which has seen an almost 190% increase in share prices.

While some industries have had a difficult time due to COVID-19, many are thriving as a result of the pandemic, leading to higher demand for their products and services.

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