Harvey Carr 

Buying a New Vs Used Vehicle for Your Business

There’s a lot of debate around whether to buy a new or used vehicle, and when you are buying a vehicle for business purposes, the gravity of the situation goes to another level. We could go on rambling about the pros and cons of buying a new or used vehicle, but what’s more important is knowing what’s best for your specific business needs. If a used vehicle serves your … [Read more...]

How Access Control Technologies Are Keeping Business Safe

There’s no denying that the security of confidential information, assets, and employees is one of the biggest concerns for businesses of all sizes and types. Now, security isn’t just about installing software systems for protecting the financial and sensitive details of the company. It also includes access control: the comprehensive protection of the entrance and exit, while … [Read more...]

The Right People: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Expanding Your Vision

Convention often becomes counterintuitive for the entrepreneur starting a business, and this is a fact we see reflected in the stories of some of the most successful and groundbreaking business leaders of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. Sure, Steve Jobs may have benefited from TKI certification, but he still managed to build meaningful working partnerships … [Read more...]

Trading Money on Forex

Forex is a type of market that creates trading opportunities worldwide, but with different needs, trading hours, and currencies, Forex can make you anxious and prompt you to make sudden decisions that you might regret later if you are not entirely familiar with how Forex works. That is why we prepared this brief article on how to trade on Forex, so you can easily learn the … [Read more...]

What Jobs Can You Do from Home?

The UK economy has always evolved and innovated over time, especially with the rise of freelancers and self-employed workers that reshaped the labor market considerably during the digital age. Over the past few months, many people have lost their jobs or have been encouraged to work from home, which can give lots of opportunities to either branch out and try something new or to … [Read more...]

Media Monitoring and 4 More Things You Need to Be Doing for Your Business Right Now

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate already. From the day to day operations to making sure everyone gets paid, there are a million and one tasks you accomplish in your workday. Some tasks are essential for the operation of your company. Others you could afford to hand off to someone else, so we’re here to tell you about five things you need to be doing for your … [Read more...]

Business Projector Screens vs. TVs

Which One Is Better for Your Office? Many business meetings, conferences, and presentations can be a bit dry. That’s why it’s important to show graphs and figures on a screen to keep the meeting more interesting and to help attendees follow along. For most of the 20th century office projectors were necessary to display information as televisions were just too bulky and … [Read more...]

Solutions to Enhance Health and Safety Within Your Business

Due to the nature of certain jobs, there are some industries where workers are more likely to experience injuries. Construction, for instance, sees employees having to carry heavy loads and move around at great heights. In fact, falls from a height accounted for 49% of incidents resulting in employee injury in the construction industry in the last six years. But whether or … [Read more...]

Do You Have Small Business Ideas Floating Around in Your Head? Here Are Some Ways to Get It in Motion

Have you been mulling a small business idea in your head, but been hesitant to go all-in? This happens to a lot of people, but then when they do not act, they are left wondering, "What if?” If you are truly passionate about the idea in your head, you might as well take the chance on it. Read on for a few tips that you’ll find useful on your journey to starting your own small … [Read more...]