Harvey Carr 

How to Sue the IRS: An Explanation of Tax Litigation

You probably paid so many taxes during your life that you’re sick of them. You’re not alone. Nobody likes to see how much of their income goes to taxes, but it’s just how things go. You might even think about suing the IRS. Can you do this? Well, suing the IRS seems like a hopeless case, but it is a possibility. However, suing the IRS is not that easy, because there are … [Read more...]

How to Save on Costs When Starting a New Business

Starting a new business is difficult for most, especially when you don't have any funding or loans to help out. Even if you do have financial support, starting a business is tough. Most businesses fail due to the lack of cash flow and in this article, we will take a look at some of the ways you can start your business while saving money so you can invest it into other areas … [Read more...]

How to Address Safety Hazards Caused by the Automation of the Workplace

Automation has proven to be a benefit to employee safety in most situations. However, there are cases where automation can lead to accidents and injuries. Even one accident is too many, so here’s how to address safety hazards caused by the automation of the workplace. Stop Being Lured into a False Sense of Security Automation can lead to complacency when it comes to safety in … [Read more...]

5 Ways Robots Are Changing the Delivery Industry

If you are thinking of setting up your very own delivery company, you should know that there are a myriad of new innovations in the delivery industry. One of the biggest innovations being the usage of robotics in the production lines. Back in the day, delivery companies had to hire a small army of workers to fulfill various functions. Nowadays though, a large number of these … [Read more...]

Responsible Gambling Explained – The Rules to Abide By

Gambling casinos should be treated as a place where people have fun. To keep casinos such an environment, software suppliers and online operators are advised to comply with responsible gambling practices on their platforms. In this article we are going to look at how casinos and players can work together to achieve an environment of fun and responsible gambling. Factors of … [Read more...]

How Small Business Owners Can Use Crypto for Payments

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular among small business owners as bitcoin can connect smaller corporations with the global industry and reduce payment fees. Larger companies are starting to invest in the Bitcoin sector and even go as far as to call it the “future of finance.” Using Bitcoin also signals to customers that you are an innovative and … [Read more...]

What Does the Future of Online Sports Betting Look Like?

The future of sports betting in most regulated markets around the world looks promising. Despite the global slump due to COVID-19, the industry has bounced back significantly during the past 12 months both in terms of market expansion and new legislation paving the way for advancements in previously unregulated markets. Moving forward it’s impossible to predict the future of … [Read more...]

Do Footballers Make Better Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is an increasingly popular way to make a living. As footballers look to expand their horizons and seek out new career paths once they retire from the sport, they are also increasingly turning to entrepreneurship. But do footballers make better entrepreneurs? In this article, we explore some examples of where footballers and other team sports professionals … [Read more...]

Top Start-up Costs New Business Owners Need to Account For

Starting a business can be super exciting, but it can also be extremely expensive. From putting the right insurance policy in place to buying inventory, getting to grips with business costs can be very daunting for new entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are ways and means to get yourself onto the business ladder without exhausting your personal bank account. In this article, … [Read more...]