Harvey Carr 

Digital Marketing 101 for Your Business

Just a few years ago, traditional marketing was just as effective as digital marketing. Fast forward to today and the digital world has grown at an unbelievable rate. Internet and social media usage are increasing each year and businesses are starting to leverage this growth through digital marketing. If you’re trying to grow your start-up, you’ll need to create a strong … [Read more...]

An Overview of Bot Mitigation. What Are Bot Mitigation Techniques?

Bot mitigation refers to the measures that are put in place to reduce the risk to applications, backend services, and APIs that malicious bots and bot traffic may cause. It implies that there is a complete elimination of bad bot traffic. The risks that bots pose include DDOS attacks, credential stuffing attacks, and vulnerability probing. Bot mitigation solutions leverage … [Read more...]

A Cryptocurrency Tracker to Create a Holistic Portfolio View

With the emergence of cryptocurrency came a whirlwind of new coins. At the time of writing, there are over 16 thousand different coins. With these coins come mechanisms and tools to track them. Many people use wallets to access their holdings, which are often limited to one or a group of cryptocurrencies. If you want to have a full overview of your crypto holdings, you need to … [Read more...]

Have You Been Fired Wrongfully? An Unlawful Termination Lawyer Will Help You

If you have faced the unfortunate incident of being fired by your employer without a valid reason or for no reason at all, you must naturally be agitated, troubled, and under a lot of stress. Even though the “at-will” nature of work allows employers to fire anyone without reason, the practice could still be illegal in many cases. You might want to pursue a legal route to get … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Business to Increase Sales in Three Steps

For new and existing businesses, the process of finding new customers and expanding on existing sales is the greatest challenge. Sales are the lifeblood of your business, whether in retail or professional services. Therefore, finding new customers and retaining your existing ones is your greatest priority. Expanding your brand’s awareness and reach and building upon current … [Read more...]

Use Your Smartphone to Sell Products on Amazon

Online business owners will tell you that the most agile companies are the ones where you can do virtually all your work from your phone. Why does this matter? Because when you want to travel the world, it’s best to travel light. Having to lug around gear to create products or take photographs or videos can be cumbersome. Additionally, it gets complicated to store gear in a … [Read more...]

Why the ‘Customer Is King’ isn’t Just for B2C

Customer is king; the customer is always right, call it what you will - there seems to be a golden rule in B2C sales that communicates that it's essential that customers are always happy. We, as customers, hold so much power over businesses, especially when something goes wrong with the buying experience that isn't our fault. It's no different for B2B sales - in fact, B2B … [Read more...]

7 Popular Professional Tree Service Options

Have you looked at your yard recently and discovered your trees no longer look as healthy as they used to? If the answer to this question is yes, you may want to consider calling a professional tree service in St. Louis, MO. Regular tree care and maintenance are essential to your tree's growth and life span. If they aren't taken care of, they may become vulnerable to various … [Read more...]

5 Things New Business Operators Should Know

Running a new business is no easy task. With the rise in technology, more and more people are choosing to work from wherever they please. However, running any type of business requires plenty of planning and organization if you want it to succeed. In this article, we will provide tips that will help make your new mobile business successful! Choosing Payment Options You should … [Read more...]