Harvey Carr 

Top Tips for Veterans Looking to Start a Small Business

Veterans are widely regarded as some of the most heroic people on Earth, having put their lives on the line and worked hard to defend their country, ready to risk it all in foreign lands for the safety and protection of those back home. When these members of the military leave the service and return home, they deserve a warm and hospitable welcome, but many veterans find … [Read more...]

Why Does Google Struggle with Its Business Image?

In the world of technology, there is nothing that feels as ubiquitous as Google. Even its fellow Big Tech companies – Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft – do not have its spider-web like influence. The statistics are staggering: 92.94% search engine market share worldwide; 72.2% market share for mobile operating systems (Android phones and tablets); 70-75% market share for … [Read more...]

5 Innovations That Could Improve the Transit Sector in 2021

The transit sector is one of many areas that has benefited from technological advancement. Over the years, there have been measures and policies being implemented to help improve the sector's efficiency. While many of these measures have turned out to be successful, there have also been limitations. Such downsides include people being slow to adapt to these changes. However, … [Read more...]

Commercial Building Tips to Prevent Maintenance Call-outs

Calling out a service maintenance engineer can be a common occurrence for businesses with commercial buildings. However, this can be costly and could distract employees from work. Here is how you can maintain your building to prevent call-outs. Run Your Heating Low and Often Keeping the heating low and avoiding turning it off completely for extended periods of time will help … [Read more...]

Crypto Signals

Crypto signals Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity nowadays because people like Elon Musk are talking about them with such passion and fire in their eyes. Telegram became very popular in every country as well because different groups of people can create their own channels and gain access to useful information about everything in this world. Here in our publication we will … [Read more...]

Do You Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From? Here Are 5 Ways to Find Out

Unless you know the source of the leads you generate, you will have a tougher time converting prospects into paying customers. Thankfully, there are a few key ways to work this out, and modern tools to make this as efficient as possible, so here are just a handful of options to consider if you want to send your sales soaring upward. Call Tracking A relatively traditional … [Read more...]

The Role of Technology in Trucking

Modern technology has made life easier and paves the way for different devices and software to develop each day. In many ways, technology has altered the way humans live. Some cars control themselves; phones can unlock with a glimpse of your face, and much more. The new inventions and constant updates in technology have enabled people to communicate faster, stay connected, and … [Read more...]

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Janitorial Services?

Maintaining a clean business is vital to protect your company’s image and reputation. A clean work environment is not only inviting for anyone stepping through the door, but it also ensures the health and safety of everyone who works there. One question you may be trying to find the best answer to is if it would be worth it for your company to maintain and train in-house … [Read more...]

Seven Good Ideas to Manage People in Your Business

Build and Nurture Effective Relationships It takes time to effectively nurture a team and build trust among your employees, but this shouldn't discourage you from taking necessary action. Collaborate with your team in a way that is kind and understanding and it will pay off significantly. You can offer them classes to build up their knowledge and make operations more … [Read more...]

Marketing Automation: Trends to Look Out For

Whether you’re a marketer, small business, or large enterprise, marketing automation can help to optimize your marketing efforts. In addition to making your marketing activity more cost-effective, it can deliver greater results by gathering useful data thus providing key insight into your customers’ interests. Here’s a quick rundown of why anyone operating within the … [Read more...]