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Top Tips to Improve Business Security

Top Tips to Improve Business Security

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities. You have to consider the budget for your business, branding, marketing, hiring, long-term strategy, short-term strategy, yearly goals, and so much more. However, among all of those many responsibilities, it’s absolutely vital not to overlook the importance of security.

Statistics show that close to 10% of all small businesses suffer some sort of burglary or theft every single year. What’s more, there are many other crimes that businesses can fall victim to, from trespassers sneaking their way into your work premises to cyber-criminals hacking into your networks and stealing your data. Here are some top tips to bolster your business security from every angle.

CCTV Cameras

Statistics show that most burglary attempts occur after hours when a business has closed down for the day and most or all workers have gone home. Burglars naturally believe that this is the best time to strike, as nobody will be able to see them making their way into the premises. If you have CCTV cameras installed at your worksite, however, you’ll always have eyes on all entrances and exits.

CCTV cameras won’t just help with catching and identifying any burglars who might try and break in; they can also act as a serious deterrent. If would-be burglars spot CCTV cameras around a location, they’ll know that the odds of being caught are much greater, as well as suspect that other forms of security may have been installed, like alarm systems and guards.

The Right Tools for the Job

No matter what kind of work you’re in, it’s important to have the right tools for the job in every situation. The correct items of equipment allow you to carry out your daily duties and tasks with maximum efficiency, and the very same logic applies when we’re talking about business security as well.

Having cam locks or quarter-turn latches fitted in key areas around your workplace, for example, can assist with the protection of your valuable equipment and the prevention of possible forms of vandalism and forced entry. Meanwhile, having high-grade locks fitted on doors and gates will also aid you in terms of bolstering security in every part of the company.

Alarms and Security Systems

One of the best ways you can strengthen your business’ security is to invest in an alarm or full-blown security system. A lot of businesses choose to do this, from small businesses right up to global corporations, and it’s easy to see why, as having a proper security system can help to deter intruders, prevent losses, and even save money on your insurance.

The best security systems essentially give you all the benefits of alarms, guards, cameras, and non-stop monitoring of your workplace, with teams of professionals always looking out for your company and being ready to act at a moment’s notice should you find yourself in need of their help. They can make a real difference and provide genuine peace of mind to any business owner.

Access Control System

When you’re running an important business, with a lot of sensitive information changing hands or plenty of high-value equipment in your working environment, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to simply let people come and go as they please without any kinds of checks or controls. This is where an access control system can come into play.

Essentially, this kind of system involves the use of employee key cards, PIN codes, and even scanners that detect facial patterns in order to lock off certain parts of the business except to a select group of people. This way, you get total control in terms of who is allowed where, and this makes it infinitely harder for anyone to try to break in or access the more important areas of your business.

Don’t Overlook Cyber-Security

While it’s important to defend against physical threats by installing the likes of alarms, cameras, and locks, you can’t underestimate the importance of cyber-threats too. In today’s world, millions of cyber-attacks are happening all the time, and a lot of those attacks target businesses.

Hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to break through businesses’ cyber-defenses, access their sensitive files, and bring their networks down. This is why every business owner needs to invest in proper digital security like VPNs, anti-malware programs, and so on.

Final Word

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is or what kind of industry you’re operating in; there are always going to be threats, both physical and digital, that could damage your profits and bring your operations to a halt. Make sure you keep your company safe by taking the proper precautions.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.