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Want to Become an Employee of Walmart? Learn about Walmart Application Process, Assessments and Interviews

Want to Become an Employee of Walmart? Learn about Walmart Application Process, Assessments and Interviews

Have you encountered a job listing, either online or in paper, that your local Walmart is hiring a lot of people for numerous positions? From clerks, sales agents, and mechanics, to drivers, and even supervisors and managers, it is very likely that you will be able to find an available job position that is the perfect fit for your skills and expertise.

However, even if you have the work experience needed and other qualifications that the company wants in an applicant for the job, you will first have to take the Walmart assessment in order to prove that you have the minimum cognitive skills and have the right mindset and social standing needed for it.

This is because even though they need the people to keep up with the demand of their customers, the company still has an image and a brand of service to uphold.

As a result, every candidate will have to show that they know how to pass Walmart assessment expectations with flying colors along with the rest of the hiring process. Fortunately, with a bit of preparation, this can be achieved with relative ease as long as you understand what is expected of you.

The Application Process

Before you are allowed to take the Walmart assessment, you will first have to go to Walmart’s online hiring center or through the kiosk of the branch that you are interested in. After filling out some personal information, you will then have to undergo a background check and even a drug screening phase.

It is in this part of the hiring process where you will also have to provide a detailed account of your employment history as well as contact information from previous employers if needed so that they can verify the details that you have provided.

Something that you have to keep in mind at all times, however, is that you will need to be careful not to omit anything that’s needed in your application because doing so will be used against you, disqualifying you immediately because the company will assume that you are an unreliable individual, especially so early on in the hiring process.

The Walmart Pre-employment Tests

The main purpose of the Walmart assessment is to figure out how compatible you are with the company work ethic. From cashiers to accountants, they are expected to act in a way that is befitting of a Walmart employee.

In order to do this, they will require each applicant to take the following exams.

The Situational Judgement Tests

Here, you will be provided with a number of scenarios that are regularly experienced by someone in the job position that you are applying for.

These situations will contain a conflict or problem of sorts that you will have to resolve by selecting the course of action that you think is the best. In some cases, you are instead expected to select which of the choices is the worst or least effective one to take, making it very important that you read the question carefully.

While it is very tempting to always select the amicable choice, you must remember that Walmart is expecting you to uphold certain values and standards, so being incredibly helpful may do you more harm than good.

The Personality Test

In this part of the Walmart assessment, you will be asked to state your agreement or disagreement with a number of statements, each of them being coded to a certain personality trait that the company deems as important to have in an employee.

By studying the core values as well as the duties and responsibilities of the job position that you want, you will be able to know which statements you should agree or disagree with in order for you to produce the ideal personality profile.

It should be noted, however, there are safeguards in place, so you cannot only select the positive-sounding statements as well as always answering in the extreme. This is because the program will think that you are purposefully manipulating your responses and so you cannot be seen as reliable or trustworthy.

The Cognitive Tests

Depending on the job that you are applying for, you may also have to take a number of cognitive tests that will measure certain skills that are vital to the role that you are hoping to take.

For those aiming for a job position that requires them to calculate things regularly such as being a cashier, accountant, or a financial analyst, among others, then you will have to take the numerical reasoning exam of the Walmart assessment. Here, you will need to answer questions revolving around the basic operations as well as having a good understanding of graphs, charts, and some financial and statistical figures.

If you are applying as a mechanic, operator, or driver, then you will need to take the mechanical reasoning exam. Questions here will revolve around mechanical concepts and are generally isolated to tools and subjects related to your particular profession.

Last but not least is the verbal reasoning exam, where you need to show that you have sufficient or excellent reading comprehension and logic skills.

The Interviews

Depending on how well your Walmart assessment goes, you will then be invited to a number of interviews so that the hiring manager can take a closer look at who you are as a person and a potential coworker.

Apart from studying for the usual interview questions, you must also include or integrate the Walmart core values in your answers in some way because they are still looking out for reasons not to hire you in case you are someone that managed to pass the pre-employment tests but are actually incompatible with the company in person.

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