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3 Technologies that are Empowering Safe Driving in 2021

3 Technologies that are Empowering Safe Driving in 2021

The top cause for traffic accidents, regardless of location on the globe, is human error. When driving at moderate to high speeds, it takes only a second to cause unimaginable damage and pain, which is why car manufacturers put a lot of effort into finding ways to reduce any chance of an accident.

Still, modern technologies, such as smartphones and their plethora of uses, add to the reason why drivers get distracted behind the wheel. In fact, according to a 2017 survey by Customer Reports, 41% of the questioned drivers declared they had texted while driving, and 8% admitted to watching a video on their phone while driving.

So, whether you are a professional driver or a regular one, safe driving should always be your priority. Moreover, you should use technology to your advantage, to prevent distractions behind the wheel and take human error out of the equation.

Below, we listed three technological advancements that can be used by both companies and individual drivers to improve their presence on the roads and reduce the chance of a traffic accident.

Smart Detection Systems

Most vehicles nowadays use some sort of Artificial Intelligence-based system to help improve durability and overall vehicle maintenance. But we can also use AI systems to reduce distracted driving by monitoring the drivers’ behavior while behind the wheel. Such technologies can be integrated with smart dash cams that can identify unsafe driving and safety-related events with computer vision and accelerometer monitoring.

These dash cams also work with in-cab alerts and voice coaching, in order to warn drivers when they engage in unsafe or distracted driving.

Voice Commands

Some modern vehicles are equipped with advanced infotainment systems that support voice commands for temperature setting, music selection, or calls. In addition, all modern smartphones have voice command functions due to virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Therefore, if you have a BT-enabled smartphone, this is the type of technology that’s easily available, without any additional investments. Even so, if you are looking to buy a new vehicle or you represent a logistics business in the process of purchasing trucks or vans, it is best to invest a bit more and get a vehicle with integrated voice commands. It will make driving a lot safer since this type of feature is available at all times while driving (it doesn’t need any additional settings or pairing).

Reliable Autopilot

Autopilot technology is still in development, but there are some reliable systems out there. Vehicles produced by Tesla, GM, Audi, BMW, and other well-known brands come with various autopilot systems that can improve a driver’s performance behind the wheel.

Now, we still don’t have the technology and infrastructure to allow self-driving cars on public roads, but many autopilot systems are capable of parking assistance, impact detection and preparedness, lane changing assistance, adaptive cruise control, and much more. All these features keep drivers focused when routine or fatigue kicks in.

A fully-functional and reliable autopilot system is extremely useful for both beginner and experienced drivers, regardless of the type of vehicle they handle. In addition, the system can help prevent getting caught in a traffic jam (by detecting it from a distance) and makes driving a more enjoyable experience.

Wrap Up

A modern vehicle should be equipped with smart monitoring technology, built-in voice commands, and autopilot features for a safer driving experience. Moreover, some vehicles are integrated with alcohol detection (the vehicle is automatically set in parking mode if it detects a certain level of alcohol in the air).

However, if an accident does happen, these tools also help you make sure you get fair compensation from the insurance company as they can serve as reliable witnesses. All the sensors provided by smart technologies are extremely useful in case of an accident as they help speed up the process and establish guilt correctly.

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