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OME Motors: More Than Just a Regular Electric Motor Supplier

OME Motors: More Than Just a Regular Electric Motor Supplier

Today, OME Motors is the electric motor manufacturer we all recognize because of its high-quality products, which are perfectly adaptable to different fields, especially industrial ones. Over the years, this company has proved to be a prime example of how success can be achieved through hard work.

In the early days, the company was only a small player in the local market, but in just a few years it has become an international leader. Naturally, this evolution is also due to the development in processes and production by OME Motors, which has switched from the basic production of standard engines to the manufacture of customized engines. Clearly, this move has enabled the company to reach a much wider section of the public than it did at the beginning, and today this business strategy has paid off.

The OME Motors catalog also includes industrial pumps, specifically designed by the company to be applicable to different situations. These products are created by using advanced technologies in order to always have a high level of efficiency, also guaranteed by the company’s strict technical controls.

Click here to view all the products currently available from the company, which range from industrial water pumps to single-phase electric pumps, surface pumps, and even electric industrial pumps

Meanwhile, here are some of the main fields of application for OME Motors industrial pumps.

Petrochemical Plants and Refineries

This is a context in which procedures for filtering, extraction, and distribution of oil and natural gas are constantly applied. Therefore, the risk of explosion is extremely high. For this reason, the OME Motors industrial pump is definitely the most suitable choice in this situation, because the use of materials that are resistant to corrosion and flames makes it possible to achieve excellent results in terms of performance.

Power Plants and Water Treatment Plans

In this case, there is only one important key concept: centrifugal pump. This product is ideal for transporting water and then generating electricity, which is why it is mainly used in power plants. However, the centrifugal pump can also be designed and specifically adapted to situations where certain water treatment and purification procedures need to be carried out.

Desalination Plants

There are some particular cases and specific industrial situations in which operators have to process seawater and, in particular, have to deal with desalination operations. The OME Motors electric pump is perfect for these purposes due to the types of materials used.

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