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How to Increase Your Revenue by 187% Through Linguistic Diversity

How to Increase Your Revenue by 187% Through Linguistic Diversity

If you still run your business with an all-English language perspective, you should start diversifying your strategy. According to a report, 87% of non-English speakers refuse to buy products that are not in their native language. So, if you’ll provide translations of your contents to other languages, this means that you can maximize your revenue to up to 187%.

Aside from that, promoting diversity can improve your employee’s productivity and collaborations in your workplace. It encourages more perspectives and ideas to be thrown together when brainstorming or coming up with solutions. Multicultural people can offer a deeper understanding of their local markets, which can directly impact your revenue.

To help you step up your game and increase your revenue, we’ll discuss the best ways to promote linguistic diversity in your business.

Find reliable translation services

Language is an important factor that connects businesses with their customers. If you want to broaden your horizons in the marketing industry, you should offer more language options for your target audiences. Ensure that your web content, landing pages, articles, and social media posts are translated fluently and accurately to common languages your consumers use.

To get the best results, find reliable translation services that can empower you to conquer new international markets. You can also hire freelance translators and use automated translations if you are confident in his or her skills. However, partnering with language service providers offers more benefits such as a larger number of language pairs, quality assurance, and fast turnaround.

Include all your customers on your marketing goals

Regardless of your industry, your customers will always be the most vital part of your business. Even if you believe that you’re already reaching your target audience, you probably don’t. Different people have various needs and objectives in their life. Your niche, tone, approach, and language can affect your customers’ decision to buy your products and services.

Thus, the key to marketing is making all your customers feel involved in your marketing goals. It is more than posting images with people of color or greeting religious people at important events. Rather, it is more about understanding your market and adapting your contents to their cultures, norms, religions, and preferences. This also includes providing them language options and translating your content to their languages.

Open more opportunities for multilingual talents

Your company will not function without the help of talented individuals in your industry. If you want to step up your game and globalize your business, it is best to start diversifying your talent pool now. Different countries offer various specializations. If you can find what you need in your local country, you can try searching for jewels in other regions. This way, you can have more choices on who you want to hire.

Aside from that, hiring multilingual and diversifying your workforce can give a positive impression about your company. Today, people prefer brands that do not discriminate and offer equal opportunities to everyone. Now, you get the best employees for the positions and will be able to market your brand at the same time.

But, how do you hire someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you? Well, you’ll need to hire multilingual HR managers or translation services. You have to translate your job posts, interviews, and the materials needed for the onboarding process. There is also available live chat software that enables real-time subtitles for smooth communication.

Promote a collaborative culture in your workplace

If you want to get diverse ideas and solutions to your marketing goals, stop putting people with the same background in the same group. Instead, make the teams more fluid by including employees of different races, languages, genders, experiences, and ages. They will have the opportunity to question each other, exchange opinions, and raise their bar of reasoning about the matter at hand.

Moreover, a heterogeneous group will foster an environment with varying points and improve the innovative decisions of your workforce. It can also increase employee inclusion, engagement, and retention, thus resulting in more productivity. It also results in more successful marketing campaigns and projects.

Implement anti-bias policies and diversity training

Let’s be honest. It is impossible to filter out the biases in the workplace without implementing proper policies. To make sure that everyone has equal rights, adopt an anti-bias policy in every department. Let them know what they should avoid and the repercussions of their racist or misogynistic acts.

Aside from that, provide diversity training to your managers to let them understand your anti-bias policies. It can also help them manage all your employees equally and learn the best ways to resolve employees’ complaints. Thus, it can make underrepresented groups feel more inclusive and valued by the company.


Diversity is an essential factor in globalizing your business and increasing your revenue. This includes getting a multilingual and multicultural workforce and diversifying target customers. Improving collaboration and equality in your work is also important in assuring the productivity and contentment of your employees. Despite all the complexities of this strategy, it will surely result in positive outcomes and a better brand impression of your company.

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