Translation Services

How to Increase Your Revenue by 187% Through Linguistic Diversity

If you still run your business with an all-English language perspective, you should start diversifying your strategy. According to a report, 87% of non-English speakers refuse to buy products that are not in their native language. So, if you’ll provide translations of your contents to other languages, this means that you can maximize your revenue to up to 187%. Aside from … [Read more...]

When to Use Google Translate for Business and When to Use a Professional Translation Service

Google Translate is one of the most popular free Google services available today, and can translate up to 100 billion words every day into as many as 103 languages. Businesses all around the world rely on Google Translate to help them communicate with their international clients and customers. There are times, however, when a professional translation service might be a more … [Read more...]

5 Industries in Need of Legal Translation Services

Globalization means that businesses from fields can attract wider audiences. Therefore, many companies need to handle their business documents, not only in more than one language, but also in more than one legal system. Legal translations offer plenty of solutions, for every business in need. Here are the niche industries that need and can benefit greatly from certified … [Read more...]

Translation Makes the World an Accessible Business Resource

Small business owners with awesome ideas should make themselves known, establish credibility, and be able to compete with like businesses on a greater scale while doing everything possible to not limit their company’s growth or cap its profits. Translation services can help them accomplish these goals and more. Many wonderful small businesses sell products and services that … [Read more...]