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How Your Business Can Be Seen as an Industry Expert

How Your Business Can Be Seen as an Industry Expert

So, your business is doing well, but you want to gain more authority in your sector and make your company stand out. As consumers, we look for companies that are prominent in their industry. We want to know that the product or service we receive will be trustworthy, reliable, and quality. This is what helps to grab consumers attention – consequently gaining business and hopefully repeat custom. Not only this but your business must be seen as an expert to your competitors, as this will lead to more respect within your industry and give you a competitive advantage. How can you be seen as an industry expert in your sector?

Host Conferences and Events

Hosting a conference or event online is a great way to show your expertise within your industry. Whether it be an in-person seminar or an online conference using a virtual event platform, this gives you the chance to show off expertise in your field. You can use these events to talk about new industry trends and discuss how you have applied this within your company, proving to the audience that you are forward-thinking. You could involve your audience, industry experts, and customers within your conference by hosting a Q&A session. This allows you to answer questions about your business or the industry – helping you demonstrate your expertise. Finally, conferences and events are a great way to make your business seem personable. Adding a face to the brand gives your business personality, helping to boost brand engagement.

Produce Content

Many customers will have questions about your brand and the industry you work within. Creating content is a great way to answer questions while building brand engagement and loyalty. If you create content that answers industry questions, your customers will see you as a respected source of knowledge and be more likely to buy or engage with your business. Producing content also helps brand awareness. You can include more information about your company and employees, helping to give your customer insight. This then boosts your transparency as a business, consequently making you a trusted industry expert.


It is a fact– the higher you rank in Google or other search engines, the more likely you are to be seen by future customers, the more chance you have of boosting sales and engagement for your business. If you utilise effective SEO for your website, you will land yourself at the top of the list for relevant industry keywords. You can then be seen by more potential customers, increase brand awareness, and be respected as an expert in your sector.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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