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6 Key Reasons Why Companies Hire Virtual Assistants

6 Key Reasons Why Companies Hire Virtual Assistants

Have you ever noticed that there are some business owners who seem to be on the ball, have everything organized, and get everything done in a day, yet you’re working until midnight and getting up at five just to struggle to handle your responsibilities?

What is their secret? While it’s true that some people are naturally more organized and productive, even they need help sometimes. There’s a good chance that the other business owner has outsourced some of their business tasks. This might include a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can be the crucial piece missing between you getting burnt out and failing and finding the success you’ve always wanted.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant can do any number of jobs and tasks related to your business. There are many things that are standard across all business types, such as customer service, scheduling, prospect contact, social media, administration, and much more. You can hire a virtual assistant to do whatever you need to take things off of your plate. Instead of spending precious time sorting your email, you can focus on doing what you need to grow your business.

Lower Costs

Yes, you need to pay for a virtual assistant. However, in the long run, using one saves companies money. The reason for this is that those tasks are necessary. Someone has to do them. Your time, and your staff members’ time, is valuable. You could also hire someone onto your team, but then you will need to invest in recruiting, hiring, and training along with their regular salary. Outsourcing certain duties will give you an immediate expert who can handle what you need, and you will have lower costs overall.

Allows for Focus on Core Business Functions

Every business has certain things that must be done to grow and evolve. These are things like product development, strategy, and making partnerships, as just a few examples. Any time spent away from a company’s core functions is time that the business is not growing and developing. A virtual assistant can handle the non-core function tasks that every business needs to worry about. That way you and your team can spend more time growing your business and not get hung up on busy work.


It may sound strange, but experiencing growth in your business comes with some headaches. Yes, it’s great to bring in new customers and revenue, but it can be hard to manage the extra work that comes with growth, and then make it sustainable. Outsourcing work helps with scalability, since you aren’t slowed up by trying to hire to keep up. If you need to add to your team, it can take a lot of time finding the right person. Then you need to train them and get them up to speed. A virtual assistant can continue to take on more work as you grow, making your transition seamless.

Communicate with Customers around The Clock

One of the challenges that modern businesses face is that the relationship between customer and company is changing. Commerce is a 24-hour process, and people can now shop from the comfort of their beds while wearing pajamas. Companies want to make sure that their customers can reach them whenever it’s convenient for them, which is tough for businesses with small teams. You can hire a virtual assistant that works during your overnight hours so that they can answer questions and process purchases while you are asleep. You won’t have to worry about missing out on sales while you are asleep.

Some Businesses Have Needs That Don’t Require Full-Time Staffing

As businesses grow, they can get caught in an awkward spot where they need help with certain things, but don’t have enough to hire someone full time. They could spend the time hiring a part-time staffer, but often the talent looking for part-time work is lacking. Instead of going through a hiring process that may not be fruitful, you can hire someone virtually who is already an expert in many business tasks. There is very little training involved, and it would be easy to move on to another virtual assistant if one doesn’t work out.

Owner and Staff Burnout

Some businesses by necessity have small teams. It cuts down on staffing costs, and allows everyone to make more money. However, the downside is that making more money isn’t important if you are not able to enjoy it. The more responsibilities a business owner and their staff take on, the more stressed, tired, worn out, and burnt they will be. A virtual assistant will lighten the load and allow everyone a chance to breathe.

In this day and age, there are many options for finding the right person to handle your business tasks. You don’t always have to hire a new staff member for everything. Hiring a virtual assistant will take a lot off your plate and help you save time and money.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.