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6 Essential Requirements a Potential Employee Needs to Have

6 Essential Requirements a Potential Employee Needs to Have

Employees are essential for any business. They are the backbone of any company, and without them, the company would not be able to function.

When you’re hiring new employees, you need to ensure they’re qualified and have the necessary skills to do the job. It’s important you hire qualified employees to keep your business running smoothly. Requirements will vary by business, but there are some common criteria that employers should be aware of. Here are six essential requirements a potential employee needs to have.

Can Pass a Background Check

When you’re getting ready to hire someone, you need to ensure they can pass a background check. This can include screening for any criminal history, education, past employment, license records, and credit history.

Each background check will vary by what information is most relevant for the employer. When you conduct a background check, you must get permission from the person you’re screening.

Can Legally Work in the Country

Any potential hire needs to be able to work in the country legally. It’s one of the most essential requirements any potential hire needs to have.

A potential hire should be able to show an essential document, like a birth certificate or passport, that shows they are a legal citizen. You’ll generally want to ask for two forms of identification.

Good at Following Directions

A potential hire needs to be able to follow directions. They should be competent at handling tasks or assignments handed to them. They might struggle or mess up every now then, but overall they should be able to follow directions.

You can test a potential hire on their ability to follow directions by giving them a task during the screening process. You should give them a task that requires them to follow a series of directions and allows you to evaluate them on how well they completed the task.

Is Responsible

Knowing if a potential employee is responsible is tough to gauge. There’s not a specific document they can show that can verify they are responsible. However, there are some ways you can get a feel for if a potential hire is responsible. One way is how they interact in interviews. If they show up on time or early, dress appropriately, and come prepared with all the relevant documents, it’s a good indicator they are responsible.

You can also look at their employment history and evaluate their past titles. If they reached a management role and held the position for at least a year, that’s another good indicator.

Good Communication Skills

Another essential requirement a potential hire needs to have is good communication skills.

Communication plays a big role in any job, especially if it is customer service or anything dealing with the public. This means that an employee must communicate well with supervisors, co-workers, customers, clients, etc. Good communication also includes listening attentively and understanding what is being said.

An excellent way to tell if someone is a good communicator is how they interact with you during an interview. If they can articulate their thoughts and coherently respond to you, that could be a good indicator they have good communication skills.

Comply with Rules

Every company should have rules and codes of conduct. Any potential hire needs to be able to comply with them. Some rules might relate to behavior while at work. For instance, you might have a rule where employees must be sober on the job. Another rule might be not to take excessive lunches or to show up at work by a specific time.

Testing to see if a potential hire can comply with rules can be tricky. An excellent way to judge is based on an employee’s background check. If anything negative shows up, like a series of speeding tickets or a history of theft, that could indicate they’re not good at following rules.


There are many essential requirements a potential hire needs to have before being hired. The six listed above are some of the more common ones employers consider.

While not all of them will apply to every business or company that hires employees, it’s important for an employer to think about what they should be looking for in a potential employee. By keeping these essential requirements in mind, you’ll be able to find the best employees for your company.

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