Ismail Khalid 

How a Small Business Can Accept a Credit Card Payment

Back in the day, you could usually get away with using a single cash register to log and store money for processing payments. Today, things are far more complicated. People tend not to carry cash and prefer using a card or an online service. As a small business, you absolutely need to be able to accept one or both of these types of payments. Without getting too complicated, … [Read more...]

How to Attract the Right Customers to Your Business

If you are a supervisor, manager, or business owner, you are probably focused on new customer acquisition. After all, the only way your business is going to grow is if you find a way to attract new customers. At the same time, customers today are more intelligent than they ever have been in the past. They have high expectations, and you need to meet them if you would like to … [Read more...]

Key Benefits of Using SMS Marketing in Your Business

After a potentially rocky last year or so due to a global pandemic, election, and other uncertainty, you may have found that your business sales have been lacking or that you’re not getting the growth you hoped for. If so, it’s time to gear up your marketing efforts. Digital strategies are more popular and helpful than ever. In particular, if you haven’t already tried … [Read more...]

Re-Evaluate Your Supply Chain with Data-Driven Supply Chain Management

We all saw how rapidly supply chains can disintegrate and how disruption can impact our businesses. In many ways, we’re still dealing with supply chain disruptions from the COVID pandemic. Pre-COVID, retailers typically carried forty-three days of inventory. Today, inventory has been reduced to thirty-three days. Cars and home inventory are at near-record lows with just a … [Read more...]