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Bad-vertising: 5 Things Not to Include in Your Adverts

Bad-vertising: 5 Things Not to Include in Your Adverts

Advertising is one of those skills that takes knowledge of consumers and their spending habits to get right. While many companies deal with advertising in-house, this can quickly go wrong if the wrong things are included. Sometimes it’s just not right for the customer, but other times it is against the law. Let us look at five things not to include in your adverts.

Keep it Simple

One of the problems that ads can have is that they are too complicated. This can be especially true if you are running a street advertising campaign as the public won’t have a lot of time to see it.

With possibly only a few seconds to see your ad, make sure it simply and clearly conveys all you want it to. Try not to add too much text to the ad, and use only a couple of elements so it can be glanced at quickly.

Copyright and Permission

When it comes to using other people’s faces or content in your ad, it is essential that you get permission to do so. If you use content or someone’s face without permission, then you risk getting a copyright claim against you. Even images or content that says it is free to use should be checked carefully and any permission sought.

Don’t Talk about Unnecessary Things

Although it is tempting to tell your customers about everything you have done with the company, you need to stick to the product. Your audience will be more interested in what you are selling than how you built the company or anything else that is off topic.

If you stray too far from information about the actual product, you may find the opposite of the desired effect and customers clicking away or not looking at your ad because they lose interest.


Knowing what your competitors are doing is key to understanding your customers and how to help them choose you and your brand. However, you shouldn’t try to compare yourself to them in ads or make claims that you cannot emphatically prove.

Making unfounded claims may get you in trouble with the other company and won’t get you sympathy with your customers.

Avoid Event Sales

There are the big annual sales that take place such as Black Friday and New Years, but apart from these, avoid having sales on public event days. Many companies will be having sales on important events such as Halloween or Bank holidays, you should have your sales on different days so you get noticed.

It is also important to avoid sales on the same days as your competitors as this will lead to customers having to choose between you.

There have been some high-profile advertising failures over the years, some of them from large companies. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake by following these five simple tips.

It is important to avoid anything controversial or liable so you can concentrate on selling your products. If you are unsure about how to create your ads, it is best to seek assistance from a marketing agency that knows about all the good and bad elements of advertising.

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