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How Social Proof Can Grow Your Business

How Social Proof Can Grow Your Business

With the advancements being made in digital marketing, the opportunities you have to promote your business are now endless. You can follow different kinds of marketing techniques and methods and can gain new customers by just being unique. One of these techniques includes social proof marketing, which is a type of marketing that relies on the reviews and traffic of other people to your business to attract potential customers. Social proof can be best explained as this: people follow the path or actions of the majority because they are perceived as right. A simple example can be taken from cafés. You are passing a café and it does not have many customers, so you will perceive that it is not a good café even if it is. This is something that exists within all of us without us knowing it. In this article, are a few points that will help you understand how social proof can grow your business.

Focus on Positive Reviews

In this digital age, one thing that matters a lot to customers is the online reviews. Whether you are purchasing from an online store or you are thinking of trying a new restaurant, what other people have to say about their experience matters. The majority of the people always read reviews first and then decide if they want to purchase the product or service. You need to use this to your advantage.

As many as 87% of the people have faith in the online review system and by having a higher reviewed profile, you can gain a lot more customers. Knowing that customers have this much influence, you need to make sure that you are monitoring your reviews not just on Yelp but on all your social media platforms. You can get positive reviews by providing a good experience to your customers and you can also offer them a voucher for their online review.

Collaborate with Influencers and Celebrities

Influencer marketing is something that has risen to record-breaking heights in the past few years. It first started getting hype in 2016 and it is only getting more popular as social media continues to gain popularity. People are more likely to buy your product or service if a celebrity or an expert endorses it. There are a lot of Facebook and Instagram influencers out there who are related to specific industries and have millions of followers.

All you have to do is research a little and find out which influencer is the most suitable for your business. You may have to pay them but the return on investment is very good as you could potentially be getting six dollars for every dollar spent. The reason the influencer market works so well is because more than 45% of people buy a product when it is endorsed by an influencer. It’s a beneficial situation for any brand if done right.

Customer Testimonials Are Powerful

One thing you should never underestimate in digital marketing is the power of customer testimonials. When an individual shares their own experience with a brand, people feel like they have a voice. This also creates a positive message to potential customers, considering the customer had a good experience and has a positive testimonial. You want people to relate to everyday people and show them that your product or service can actually help them.

The fitness industry uses testimonials a lot, you can check the Facebook or Instagram page of any big fitness brand and you will see that there a lot of testimonials from their customers. It works so well for the fitness industry because you can see the results they received from the brand as well. The reason fitness testimonials are effective is the fact that they address the problem that potential customers are looking to solve by going to a gym. To start using customer testimonies, you can simply ask a customer to record a testimonial video or you can share a quote from them. If the customer is hesitant, you can offer them a discount as well in exchange for a testimonial review.

Recognition and Awards

People want to shop with a company that they know they can trust, but trust is not just gained with words. You need to show your customers proof of your commitment to them and there is no better way of doing that than by showing them that you are an award-winning or a recognized business.

Awards and recognition are awarded to your company by a third party which means you are not endorsing yourself and that is what your customers will see. For example, A customer is more likely to buy a helmet from a new company if they have a good DOT rating from the US department of transportation. So, you should make sure that you have the best certification your field has to offer in order to gain the trust of potential customers.

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