Sales Strategy

Salesforce Lead Management: 7 Best Practices to Follow

Effectively wrangling leads in the Salesforce ecosystem is not always straightforward, especially if you are a newcomer to the platform and you are aiming to make the most of its features. Thankfully with the help of the best practices outlined below, you should stand a better chance of maximizing the impact of this particular CRM. Deal with Duplicates When you are dealing … [Read more...]

Sales and Marketing Technology: What Your Company Needs in 2021

Sales and marketing is one of the core business functions of any company. Without it, a business will not have the necessary muscle to enhance brand visibility, grow its operations, or make customer engagements. To ensure your business achieves maximum sales productivity and sees improved performance, you need the right resources. Among the myriad of technologies available … [Read more...]

Tips to Successfully Sell Your Product or Service

Do you have some awesome product or service you are looking to sell to potential clients or buyers? Are you hitting a dead end when approaching people? You are not alone. Many new salesmen and product creators experience this. Below, you can read some tips that are crucial to selling your product or service. Know Your Product Get yourself very familiar with what you are … [Read more...]

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Car Industry?

While the full impact of COVID-19 won’t be known for many years, it’s fair to say every sector of the economy has been impacted, and the car industry is no different. From Nissan dealers in Northern Ireland, to manufacturers in England, every part of the car industry has seen disruption. Despite dealerships beginning to reopen, and people starting to buy cars again, the … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Use Facebook to Sell Your Home

Are you trying to sell your home but can’t attract enough buyers to your listing? Well, selling a home can be harder than you initially thought, and you will not get buyers placing competitive bids on your listing every day. If this is the case for you, leveraging Facebook advertising to showcase your home to more potential buyers is perhaps what you should learn. Facebook … [Read more...]

The Difference between Cold, Warm, and Qualified Leads

Digital marketing experts have long touted the undisputable advantages of qualified and warm leads over cold leads, but what do these terms refer to and how are they related to the effectiveness of your marketing actions? Lead Generation Qualification Process Before moving on to the key traits of each kind of lead, let’s focus for a moment on the lead generation qualification … [Read more...]

Sales Tech: 7 Great Tools to Boost Sales

If you want to boost your sales, then you need to know the best ways to go about it, whether it be through advanced software or through tried and true methods. It is always a good idea to integrate as many of these proven tools as possible to improve your odds of success, so here are seven methods you can use to boost sales. Conferencing Tools These days, you don't need to be … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Help You Stand Out as a Seller on Amazon

According to Statista, over 206 million unique people visit Amazon’s website every month. While not all of these shoppers will be in search of your product, there are still a lot of potential buyers to satisfy. To stand out from the 2.5 million sellers that are on Amazon, follow these five tips for success. Update Your Product Details Some sellers throw all of the products … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Turn Your Vacation Rental into A Successful Small Business

Are you looking for advice on how to turn your vacation rental property into a thriving small business? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to fill you in on some easy tips for renting a vacation home as well as the steps that need to be taken to ensure your guests feel at home and keep coming back for more.  As more traditional forms of vacation accommodation are … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Ease the Payment Process for Your Online Customers

In the current high-tech world, most customers prefer online shopping. So, to help keep your business thriving and to maximize profit, you need to run it online. A checkout page is among the essential components of any business website because this is the section where your visitors finally become paying customers. The easier the paying process, the higher the chances are of … [Read more...]