Customer Relations

5 Ways to Meet Your Clients Where They Are: Meeting Client Needs

To be successful in business, it's essential to meet your clients where they are. In this blog post, you'll learn five ways to do just that. Whether you're looking to understand your clients' needs better, learn AWS Marketplace's solutions for sellers, or connect with them more personally, these tips will help. So, read on and get started today! Know Your Client's Business and … [Read more...]

Website Benefits of Live Chat

These days, it’s rare to visit a website that doesn’t have a live chat feature. There’s a reason for this. Well, actually, there are several reasons for this. Businesses ranging from e-commerce sites, to doctor offices, to law firms love using live chat agencies because their clients and potential clients get the attention they need and deserve even if the site operator, … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Improving Your Small Business’s Profit

Since businesses are mostly about making money, business owners are always on the lookout for ways that they can increase their business’s profit. Unfortunately, this is much harder for small businesses to do. After all, they are often competing against big names. Luckily, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for your small business to make a profit; it simply means that you … [Read more...]

3 Proven B2B Customer Support Strategies to Build Lasting Client Relationships

What’s the biggest challenge of growing a B2B business? Of course, you have to build a rock-solid sales pipeline to generate, nurture, and convert leads. Also, you need a team of skilled marketers and sales professionals who will handhold prospects as they move from one stage of the conversion funnel to the next. But converting a target buyer into a client isn’t the end of … [Read more...]

Why the ‘Customer Is King’ isn’t Just for B2C

Customer is king; the customer is always right, call it what you will - there seems to be a golden rule in B2C sales that communicates that it's essential that customers are always happy. We, as customers, hold so much power over businesses, especially when something goes wrong with the buying experience that isn't our fault. It's no different for B2B sales - in fact, B2B … [Read more...]

Client Relationships Are the Holy Grail of Sales, but Are Yours as Strong as You Think?

In sales, client relationships are everything—the holy grail of success. Yet most salespeople test the strength of their relationships by merely their length or collegiality—an ill-fated idea since, as crucial indicators go, both can be perilously misleading, lulling sales pros into a false sense of security. So if you want to know the real strength of your client … [Read more...]

Think Again with Mitch Goodz of Good Sounds

This interview is part of the “Think Again” series, in which Businessing Magazine talks to small business owners about how their businesses have evolved and how things don't always go as originally expected. In this interview, we asked Mitch Goodz of Good Sounds in Newport Beach, California about how his company has grown and changed in his more than 40 years in the residential … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses Can Properly Handle Customer Returns and Refunds

Customer complaints, returns, and refunds are said to be an inevitable part of every business, big or small. How you handle customer returns and refunds, however, speaks a lot about your company’s customer service. In today’s competitive business industry, top-notch customer service is an earmark of success you shouldn’t ignore. Buyer Returns and Refunds Handling Tips to … [Read more...]

How BM Windows, a San Diego Replacement Window Company, Uses Yelp Reviews to Their Advantage

Customer review websites, such as Yelp, can really make or break a small business. One scathing review can completely damage a company’s reputation, especially if that review shows up in the early days of the company. On the other hand, a string of positive reviews can give a new small business a much-needed boost in the marketplace. So many small businesses have limited … [Read more...]

Why We Can’t Hear Our Clients — 3 Ways to Fix the Problem before It’s too Late

I’m often asked how my work as a couple’s counselor prepared me for working with agencies. There’s no question that agencies and clients are in an entirely different relationship than domestic partners, but there are some common blind spots — and one big one is how we hear each other, and how we don’t. Think about the last time you had a discussion with a long-time friend, … [Read more...]