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How to Create a Better Connected, Modern Workplace

How to Create a Better Connected, Modern Workplace

Advances in technology are changing the way we work, meet, and collaborate.

Due to the growing popularity of remote working and flexible hours, businesses are having to find new ways to keep their teams connected; turning to various forms of visual communication and cloud-based solutions to make it easier for employees to work closer together.

The modern workplace needs to be a place where teams can present, discuss, and share ideas, driving projects forward in a creative environment that encourages true collaboration. The rise of the digital era is offering businesses endless possibilities and opportunities, providing dynamic ways to keep teams connected from all over the world.

Video Conferencing

Boosting productivity and improving the overall meeting experience, visual collaboration tools have become essential in getting the best out of teams in the modern workplace.

Video conferencing provides all the benefits of traditional face-to-face interaction, allowing meeting participants to pick up on visual cues and reducing the risk of miscommunication; with Forbes reporting that over half of message interpretation comes through body language and facial expressions, this is vital.

However, it also comes without the travel costs and wasted time that typically result from physical meetings, with team members able to participate from their chosen device and location. Ultimately, this eradicates the restrictions posed by large distances, allowing multi-national teams to stay better connected and providing a much more flexible meeting experience.

Due to the ease of video conferencing, teams, clients and collaborators are able to meet more frequently; while still humanizing the conversation and strengthening working relationships. Enhancing cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and productivity, the visual advantages of video conferencing help transform the ways teams communicate, interact, and engage during meetings.

Cloud Collaboration

Virtual workspaces and cloud-based collaboration systems have become essential for the modern business. Allowing team members to seamlessly store, edit, and share relevant files with one another, cloud-based solutions provide users with the perfect platform to present new ideas, exchange information, and collaborate on projects.

Since team members can share up-to-date documents in one convenient place, cloud systems help teams improve their organization and streamline their processes, bringing everyone together in a simple-to-use, secure environment. Cloud collaboration is all about working smarter, not harder; encouraging teamwork, innovation, and creativity, while also ensuring teams can work together efficiently in practical, dependable ways.

Smart Rooms

Using cutting-edge technology and allowing businesses to integrate audio-visual tools with their existing services, smart rooms help you build a different type of standard workspace; providing you with a completely bespoke meeting room, which is tailored to your specific roles, processes, and workflow.

By utilizing innovative audio-visual collaboration tools, smart rooms allow you to automate the entire meeting environment. User-friendly, intuitive control systems help you manage everything from the acoustics and room temperature to specific presentation settings, optimizing the meeting experience and allowing you to spend your time more productively.

A fully-integrated and immersive smart meeting room will help teams work together faster and more efficiently; ensuring meetings run smoothly and resulting in higher cost savings, improved results, and enhanced connection.

Integrating Technologies

For many people, the constant advances in technology can be confusing and overwhelming, as teams attempt to communicate on multiple platforms across multiple devices. To create a truly connected, modern workplace, businesses need to integrate these innovative technologies to provide a seamless, immersive meeting experience.

Digital whiteboards, video conferencing, digital signage, video walls, and presentation systems can all be integrated into your current systems to create a truly collaborative, visual environment. Instead of worrying about the different platforms and technologies, team members are presented with a consistent, reliable system that enables them to concentrate on their work and collaborating with others.

Allowing team members from all locations, platforms, and devices to seamlessly connect with one another, integrating your technology will help you to truly embrace the digital age and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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