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5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales in 2019

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales in 2019

New waves of startups and business ventures have hit the market, thanks to fast-paced digitization! Having a strong online presence across all your company’s digital assets is not only important now, but also necessary for survival.

Here are five digital marketing tips that can sweep everyone off their feet and give your business the boost that it needs to move a level up in 2019!

Story-fy Your Marketing

We’re in the age of Snapchat and Instagram stories, where the number of people on these social media networks may not be as many as your Facebook followers, but are definitely loyal and trustworthy. According to research, the average person opens Snapchat over 25 times a day and spends over 30 minutes checking out stories that intrigue them. What’s the bottom-line? Users pay attention to story-like content that comes and goes, leaving the viewer curious about the next story. These stories enable companies to connect with their most loyal follower base on an intimate, personal level by giving them a sneak-peek into their world. This can be way more effective compared to Facebook advertising.


Americans are great savers who keep coming up with cost saving and innovative ways to use social media for their business. This is one of the reasons why the trend of “vlogging” was initiated in the USA by a couple of young, energetic millennials who started uploading video content regularly to give their viewers a view into their lifestyle.

Creating original and innovative content for your business to provide the target audience with is imperative. Getting prominent social media vloggers to provide fun and engaging video content for the viewers is another easy and very effective tactic to promote a business. This will not only help your business leverage the power of social media and social network engagement by hundreds of followers of popular vloggers, but also keep them waiting for yet another interesting vlog to watch.

Incorporating Virtual and Augmented Reality

Nothing beats science! Various experiences that make the customers enter a whole new world of imagination, like VR and AR, are making waves in the world of marketing in 2019. Gone are the days when customers were deeply affected by creative storytelling techniques. Customers nowadays have become more demanding than ever and want to experience everything before believing anything. VR and AR gadgets like Oculus may be widely adopted in the future, which is why you need to start thinking about it now.

Shoppable Instagram Posts

With the growing usage of Instagram, marketers have realized the importance of setting up shoppable Instagram posts along with Facebook selling features. Because getting loyal followers on Instagram is easier than on Facebook, making attractive business profiles on Instagram and uploading product catalogs allows you to tag your products in your posts so browsers can buy readily through Instagram.

Interactive Chatbots

With restless customers impatiently waiting for responses on Messenger, you need to get back to your customers within a minute or you’ve lost them. This is humanly impossible for brands with a large number of customers, waiting to be catered to. This is where Chatbots come into play. With artificial intelligence blessing the world with its unlimited uses, companies have now started investing in developing interactive chatbots that personalize the customer experience. They give quick and easy solutions to people in seconds and can talk to as many people as there are simultaneously! If you constantly upgrade your Chatbot, you do not need to worry about CRM anymore.

As Heraclitus, the great Greek philosopher, wisely mentioned, “change is the only constant”, you need to make sure your marketing strategy is on track with the fast paced world to crush any competition your business is threatened by. Follow these tips and you’re off to a good start for 2019!

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