Social Media Marketing

How to Promote Your Business Online

In and of itself, marketing is not solely a practice, but one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries. The era of information technology came full of surprises, and we now have advanced tools at our disposal. With the fast pace of development and the overwhelming amount of information we have today, it's not surprising that many business owners can no longer keep up … [Read more...]

Think Again with Scott McKee of Scott McKee Construction

This interview is part of the “Think Again” series, in which Businessing Magazine talks to small business owners about how their businesses have evolved and how things don't always go as originally expected. In this interview, we asked Scott McKee of Scott McKee Construction in Mission Viejo, California about how his company has grown and changed in his more than 30 years as a … [Read more...]

How Social Media Influences Plastic Surgery

Social media gives us the chance to present the best versions of ourselves to the public. So, it’s not surprising that social media affects plastic surgery. Social media channels allow us to see how others look every day, and they can influence us to make changes in our appearance to ‘keep up’ with our peers. That influence is seen in polls. A recent poll of plastic surgeons … [Read more...]

Best Practices to Become a Social Media Influencer

Data from the last five years shows a massive uptick in media marketing, and it only continues in that trend.  It has become one of the favorite marketing strategies for marketers. Social media creates the best platform for offering products based upon people's interests, and the number of people engaged with such influencers is just increasing day by day. This is because a … [Read more...]

How Social Media Has Revolutionized Plastic Surgery Marketing

It’s fascinating how plastic surgery evolves over the years, and it’s not simply about popular procedures or surgical techniques. A few decades ago, celebrities were the foremost proponents of plastic surgery, and many patients wanted to have procedures that their favorite movie stars had. But starting in the 2000s, there was a shift to reality television, which gave us new … [Read more...]

Marketing Tips That Can Elevate Your Small Business

It takes a lot of effort, time, money, and skills to elevate a small business. Small businesses have many challenges, including competition from big companies, which makes it hard to grow. However, it is easy to get to your target audience with effective marketing and make more sales, making it easy to elevate a small business. Below are tips you need to implement in your … [Read more...]

Exposure Resources: Tools That You Must Use When It Comes to Marketing

Owning a business, whether a multi-billion dollar corporation or a startup still in a stage of infancy, requires a great deal of patience and skill in order to get the business running properly. In order for a business to make a profit, you have to know how to market yourself. To do this, you have to familiarize yourself with marketing tactics. Ordinarily, this might seem … [Read more...]

The Best Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

The Coronavirus pandemic, which caused thousands of companies to go bankrupt in 2020, has forced many entrepreneurs to rethink how they do business. After all, smarter people who immediately took the problem seriously and implemented new ideas incurred smaller losses. This applies to both state and private companies and is confirmed by analytics. Many experts believe that such … [Read more...]

Why Businesses Should Be on TikTok

It is estimated that there are some 800 million people from all across the world using the social media app TikTok, with the main demographic of users sitting within the 16 to 24 age range. Despite it appearing to be something of a fad, it is actually the fastest growing of all the social media platforms out there and is a potential gold mine for businesses both big and … [Read more...]