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How One San Diego Audiovisual Company Is Helping Create a New Type of Entertainment Venue

How One San Diego Audiovisual Company Is Helping Create a New Type of Entertainment Venue

Just about everyone loves to be catered to. Some have the means (the money) to enjoy it more often than others, but at one time or another, we all want the chance to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle—even if it’s only for a night.

One luxury entertainment venue company, The Lot, is capitalizing on this desire by creating high-end entertainment destinations in cities throughout California. They have three Southern California locations and just opened their first Northern California venue.

The Lot is truly a destination. Each location features a high-end movie theater, an upscale restaurant, and a contemporary bar. The latest Northern California venue also features a more casual café, an expanded lounge area, and an outdoor patio with fire pits, all of which invite guests to linger and enjoy the atmosphere. In the theater, guests will enjoy leather recliners and in-seat food and drink service. One could spend an entire day or evening enjoying all that this venue has to offer—and that’s the idea. Guests at The Lot can go from the restaurant, to the theater, to the bar or café (spending money in each area), without ever having to leave the venue.

The venue’s modern, yet still welcoming and comfortable design is one way The Lot entices guests to stay, but to complement the well-designed interior and exterior spaces, The Lot brought in San Diego audiovisual company Fluid Sound to enhance the overall guest experience. The AV integrators at Fluid Sound added multiple displays for digital signage, and created a large video wall in the bar area. Using nine 55-inch displays, the 3×3 video wall can show one large video or multiple smaller ones. The state-of-the art sound system in the bar and restaurant areas offers a rich, warm sound, yet still has the ability to achieve nightclub-level sound when needed.

In addition to serving as an entertainment venue, The Lot can also be rented out for private events. Any of the theater’s auditoriums can be used for meetings or presentations. The team at Fluid Sound made it possible for presenters to be able to simply plug in a laptop or mobile device and have its content displayed on the movie screen. That same content can also be piped into other auditoriums for overflow seating.

All of the audio, video, lighting, and HVAC is controlled via an Apple iPad or a hard-wired Crestron touch panel, allowing venue managers to easily manipulate the environments for a customized guest experience.

Dennis Pappenfus of Fluid Sound had this to say about his company’s involvement in the project: “We always love working with clients like The Lot. They have a clear vision, and we come in to help them execute that vision. In this case, it was giving them a user-friendly system that would enhance the luxury experience they were trying to create for their guests. The end result is a stunning venue with a high-end audiovisual system that doesn’t need someone with a degree in audio video technology to operate.”

To learn more about the work that Fluid Sound does helping those in all types of industries design and install customized audiovisual systems, visit their website:

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by Emily Lund // Co-founder and Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine. Content Strategist and multi-function copywriter at Modmacro℠, specializing in marketing communications for small businesses and non-profits.

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