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How Your Dress Sense Can Affect Your Business Success

How Your Dress Sense Can Affect Your Business Success

We’ve all heard the term “dress for success”, which encourages us to dress the best for our line of work in order to have the best chances of business success. However, did you know that this saying is more than just an urban myth? What we choose to wear to the office does directly affect the chances we have to excel in business.

This is because when we see someone, we tend to make a fast judgment of that person based on what they are wearing. We tend to see people that dress smartly and with an air of confidence as having more authority,while those who turn up to work in ripped jeans or with a shirt that is unclean or wrinkled, give off the impression of someone who doesn’t take their work seriously enough.

So, no matter how good you are at what you do, if you want to be a successful business owner, it’s time to upgrade your work wardrobe:

Keep Jewelry to a Minimum

Jewelry might get you noticed on a night out, for an office environment though, it is often distracting and takes away from your overall authority. So, rather than large hooped earrings or lots of bracelets, you should keep your accessories to a minimum.

If you like to look and feel stylish, you could consider adding a watch to your business outfit. Try to stay away from bright colors, opting instead for metallics or muted blacks. Unlike other jewelry, a nice watch can actually improve your business look.

Don’t Be Scared to Wear Your Glasses

For some of us, wearing prescription glasses can make us feel self-conscious about ourselves. In fact, many of us avoid wearing glasses at all. However, if you’re unable to see properly at a business meeting or at your computer screen, it’s unlikely that you’re going to perform your job well.

Instead, wear a pair of stylish glasses that make you feel confident about yourself. Not only will this give you the encouragement to wear your glasses at work, but glasses often give an air of intelligence too!

Make Sure Your Attire is Work Appropriate

You should never wear clothes that are inappropriate for the workplace – such as, wearing skirts that are too short or clothing items with offensive slogans.

What is appropriate for your workplace will depend on the business you’re in, of course. If you’re unsure, ask to see the company clothing guidelines, as this will help make sure you’re following any rules for clothing in the workplace.

If your workplace requires a uniform, make sure that you don’t alter or customize your uniform too much, as this will only make you stand out for the wrong reasons.

Invest in Some Suits

A suit is a classic look for an office environment. Not only does it make you look smart, but a suit is a comfortable piece of clothing to wear. It can also be dressed up with the addition of a tie, waistcoat, or pocket handkerchief. You should look to invest in two to three different suits and have them dry-cleaned often.

For the ladies, you should never fear wearing a women’s suit. Many clothing brands are now selling affordable and stylish suits that are made with a woman’s body in mind. By choosing a suit over a skirt and blouse combo, you will look far more business-like!

Shoes Are Important – Keep Comfort in Mind Though!

A suit will only make you look smart if you choose to wear it with a nice pair of formal shoes. You might think that those black trainers look stylish but, if you want to look your smartest, it’s essential that you invest in a pair of high-quality shoes. These should be cleaned and polished often, as any dirt or marks will make you look scruffy.

For women, it might be tempting to opt for high heels, however, if you’re on your feet a lot during working hours these can become extremely uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a small heel, which will still look stylish but will be far more comfortable to wear.

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by Brian Perry // Brian Perry is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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