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5 Short Courses to Expand Your Skill Set

5 Short Courses to Expand Your Skill Set

Investing in yourself is always a good idea. One way to do this is to enroll in a short course. It doesn’t matter if you choose something that’s aligned with your hobbies or something that’s related to a past or current job. Learning something new and getting certified for it will boost your marketability in a competitive market. You can even use your new and improved skills to start your own business.

What’s more, short courses are just that: short. Some subjects may take just a few days to complete, but the payoff is worth so much more. It’s all up to you how to apply and expand on what you learned. Finally, these courses are often available online so you don’t have to worry about schedules.

Are you convinced yet? If so, here are some short courses that you may find interesting.

Coffee Making

Are you among the millions all over the world who love coffee? Do you have dreams of opening your own café? A barista course might be right up your alley. From the very first lesson, you’ll be surprised at just how many things you take for granted when grinding, brewing, and mixing your favorite cup of joe.

Whatever your skill level, you can easily search online for barista course Perth or any other location to find the lessons you want. A barista course can teach you everything, including the right brewing time when using a drip system or French press, creating beautiful latte art, making the perfect shot of espresso, and so much more. As a bonus, you no longer have to wait in line to get your caffeine fix.

Makeup Artistry

There is certainly nothing wrong with learning how to put on makeup through watching YouTube videos. However, a makeup artistry course is definitely an advantage in the way that face-to-face music lessons are more beneficial: there’s a teacher to help you. This is important, since proper technique is crucial in becoming a professional makeup artist.

Aside from learning what colors to use and methods to achieve a certain look, a makeup course can also teach you how to apply makeup for photography, TV, and theater. You can also learn about high fashion makeup to flex your creativity, or even costume and basic prosthetics makeup for jaw-dropping, special effects looks.

Sewing, Dressmaking, and Fashion

For those who have dreams of becoming a fashion designer, a sewing or dressmaking course is an ideal step forward. Depending on the course you choose, not only will you learn how to draw patterns and sew them, you’ll also learn about fabrics, styling, fashion trends, and even merchandising techniques. This way, you’ll have plenty of avenues to branch out, like writing, fashion photography, or even consulting work. You can even focus on developing your skills for more niche markets like costume making or vintage fashion.


You might think that photography courses aren’t necessary in the age of digital cameras and social media filters. However, you’ll be surprised at just how much you’re missing. From composition and framing to how the right focal length can evoke the right “feel,” a photography course will help you maximize your camera’s functions.

You can also specialize in different kinds of photography. Landscapes and portraits are among the most popular, but you can also be an expert in architecture or events, for example. You can even find courses that teach you how to take photos of infants and young children.

Digital Marketing or Information Technology

The internet has changed the way we interact, conduct business, and learn, and it will continue to do so in the years to come. Why not take advantage of this and learn digital marketing techniques or programming languages? You can even learn how to create websites or develop apps.

If you’re looking to start your own business, digital marketing, programming, and website design are invaluable skills to possess as you promote your new business. Or, you can choose to become a freelancer with various areas of digital expertise. This is especially advantageous, as you can take on more clients from a wide range of industries.

If you are looking to create opportunities for yourself, a short course may just be the ticket. You may even end up finding your true passion!

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