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How This Long Beach Architecture Firm Makes Your Tenant Improvement Projects Go Smoothly

How This Long Beach Architecture Firm Makes Your Tenant Improvement Projects Go Smoothly

Moving your business into a new building can be stressful. There is so much to do and coordinate, and it can really take a toll on your business’s operations if you’re not careful. One thing you want to make sure of is that your new space suits your business needs as much as possible. Getting everything in order with your new space before moving day is ideal and will make the move go a lot more smoothly.

Not everyone thinks about hiring an architect for a tenant improvement project, but doing so can really make a huge difference. Architects are specifically trained to make the best use of a given space. It’s highly likely that the new space you’re moving into was not designed with your specific type of business in mind, and even if it was, you may still want to make changes to the layout. Making your new space work for your business may take some creative planning, and a tenant improvement architect can help you with this.

The design of your commercial space will greatly depend on the type of business you are running. Retail spaces have much different needs than office spaces. Both need to take into account things like storage space, workflow, and dedicated spaces for employees to get their work done, but in a retail space, the customer experience also needs to be at the forefront of the design considerations.

Consulting with an architect for a tenant improvement project is almost always money well spent. Their expertise can save you months or even years of frustration and reduced productivity due to working in an inefficient space. Sometimes the solution is as simple as taking down or adding a wall to make better use of a space, but other times, a complete reconfiguring of the space is needed.

Mark Grisafe, owner and architect at Grisafe Architecture in Long Beach, California, had this to say:

A commercial real estate broker can help you find a building that fulfills most of your company’s requirements, but more specific needs, as well as building code requirements and the demand for building improvements often require the help of an experienced commercial architect. You should look for an architect who understands your business’s unique requirements, as well as your local jurisdiction’s energy efficiency and code requirements to help you get the most out of your commercial space.”

A local architect can also help connect you with a reputable general contractor who can make your architect’s designs a reality.

With the proper planning, moving into a new commercial space could be the best decision you could make for your business.

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