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Why Your Company Needs Business-Grade Broadband

Why Your Company Needs Business-Grade Broadband

Purchasing the cheapest broadband might be tempting, especially if your business is just starting out. However, as the business continues to grow, you will quickly discover that broadband for the home will no longer suffice and that business broadband is a necessity. While this higher-level service will be more expensive, the benefits of superfast, business-grade broadband are immeasurable and will no doubt end up saving you money in the long run. 

Continue reading to understand the many advantages of upgrading your company’s broadband. 

Faster speeds 

A slow internet connection can be damaging for any business, no matter its size. Emails taking a long time to send and websites loading too slowly, for instance, can cause delays, which, in turn, prevents employees from working efficiently. Business-grade broadband overcomes such issues, putting an end to buffering, waiting, and downtime. Most providers will prioritize business broadband traffic over residential customers, which means connection quality and speed will not be affected by other people’s usage.  

Those using standard broadband are generally only interested in download speeds, but companies tend to also concern themselves with upload speeds, which is of significance when hosting a website. Superfast broadband is also essential when there are a large number of employees using it at the same time. 

Static IP address 

Having a static IP address is extremely important for businesses because it allows you to access your desktop computer when working remotely, as well as host your own server and your website. With static IPs, your IP address will stay the same.  

This is not typically a feature of home broadband, wherein the IP address is dynamic and changes each time you connect to the router. As such, business broadband with the static IP address feature is necessary. 

Customer support 

The majority of businesses will rely on internet and phone line access, which means that an outage at any point can result in downtime, delays, lost revenue, and reputational damage. With business broadband, customers are given a service level agreement (SLA), which means they are able to get priority support to fix issues as quickly as possible, at a much faster rate than those on standard packages. 

If the provider is unable to fix the issue within the set timeframe listen in the agreement, then the client is entitled to compensation. This level of round-the-clock customer support is indispensable for companies that rely on a strong internet connection to keep their business up and running. 

Enhanced security 

Security is vital for businesses of all types and sizes, as a breach can prove detrimental, especially for those handling large amounts of personal data. As such, business broadband includes a higher level of security as part of the package. This normally includes online security software, which helps to protect against hacks, malware or phishing scams, thus giving you total peace of mind that your company is safeguarded from cybersecurity attacks.  

Certain providers can also offer extra security measures for businesses, such as VPN usage and data back-ups. 

Telephone services 

If your business is one that makes and receives a substantial amount of telephone calls, then finding a business broadband package that includes phone services is wise. By bundling both services together, you are likely to get a better rate and have a reliable, dedicated line.  

Business broadband also tends to come with additional features, such as extra lines, VoIP, and non-geographic business phone numbers, all of which can be beneficial for the day-to-day running of your business. 

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