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Why Are Vision Statement Examples So Popular with Small Business Owners?

Here at Businessing Magazine we’re constantly working to improve our publication, to better the reader’s experience, and to publish content that’s useful to small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you’re gearing up to start your first business venture, you’ll find tons of content that will inform and inspire you. But the same is true for veteran business owners. Small … [Read more...]

Looking to Grow Your Online Business? Don’t Do It Like This.

Each day of the workweek I send and receive more than 500 emails. And each morning starts by going through at least 100 notifications from our project management software, our servers and clients. And of course a slew of junk mail. But sometimes I encounter spam schemes that stand out for their aggressive, persistent or offensive approach to getting attention. With that in … [Read more...]

A Message to New Entrepreneurs: Here’s a Roadmap to Help Get You Heading in the Right Direction

Sometimes I forget what it was like when I first started my company, and all the challenges that came along with creating something from nothing. In the process of writing this book, I was able to revisit each of the steps I went through and remember what is was like to be a new entrepreneur. This book is written specifically with the new entrepreneur in mind, and is the book I … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine Takes Home Top Award at 2016 AVA Digital Awards

The winners of the 2016 AVA Digital Awards were recently announced, and we at Businessing Magazine were pleased to receive a Platinum award, the highest honor in the competition! The award came in the Informational Website category. The five other Platinum winners in this category included Fortune 500 companies Lockheed Martin and Cisco. The AVA Digital Awards is a … [Read more...]

A Book for Every Business Owner: An Interview with Julie Anne Eason

Julie Anne Eason, a professional writer and writing coach, talks with host Dean Rotbart about how and why every business owner can (and should) become a published author. Through her Business Book Writing Lab, she helps business owners in all industries write their book, market it, and build their businesses in the process. When talking about why a business owner should … [Read more...]

Emily Lund Named Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Emily Lund has been named Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine. Emily has been on staff at the magazine since its launch, handling various tasks including editing and formatting articles, working directly with Editor-in-Chief Matthew Smith. About Emily’s promotion, Matthew Smith said, “We are so glad that Emily has agreed to take on the … [Read more...]

The Education Engine: An Interview with Rich Carr

Dean Rotbart talks with Rich Carr in this interview about The Education Engine, a system that business owners can use to create online courses, or even online universities, on any topic. Mr. Carr discusses how creating an online course can serve multiple purposes. It can, of course, be a money-making venture, where you charge people to take the course, but it can also be a … [Read more...]

Top Apps for Small Business Marketing (Infographic)

For small business owners with a smart phone, managing your company’s marketing efforts is now easier than ever. This infographic, submitted by Justin Green of M2 On Hold, provides a list of the best apps for project management, social media management, project collaboration, file sharing, and keeping up with digital developments. … [Read more...]