Christina DeBusk 

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25 Motivational Quotes for Solopreneurs

After being a solopreneur for more than a decade, I know that the only way to keep my business thriving versus surviving (or failing) is to put in the work. Yet still to this day, there are times when I can feel my motivation lagging. When I feel this way, I start to play the ‘what if’ game. What if I cut my client list a little bit? Sure, it would hurt my income, but I’ll … [Read more...]

Fitness Tips for Busy Solopreneurs

I’ve never met a solopreneur who didn’t have a busy schedule. Even if you contract out some of your job functions—such as those related to bookkeeping or marketing, for instance—running a one-person business often requires putting in well beyond the eight hours a day one might experience while working for someone else. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much room for … [Read more...]

5 Solopreneur Myths and the Truths Behind Them

If you’re looking at changing your career, you may be considering a trek into solopreneurship. Or maybe you’re just tired of working for someone else and want to do it on your own. Either way, it’s helpful to understand exactly what it means to be a solopreneur. This enables you to make the best decision for you when it comes to whether you should pursue becoming a … [Read more...]

The First Step to Achieving Success as a Solopreneur

No one starts their one-person business with the goal of failing. And if you’re like me, you don’t just want success as a solopreneur—you want great success. You envision yourself going further than others in your field. You picture yourself at the pinnacle of your industry, becoming a solopreneur that others around you look up to and model themselves after. So, what’s the … [Read more...]

On Your Feet All Day? Here’s How to Avoid Foot Pain

If you’re a solopreneur who spends all day on your feet, you are likely no stranger to foot pain. In fact, one 2020 study found that as many as 36% of people experience pain, achiness, or stiffness in their feet. Finding ways to avoid this pain can keep the workday from feeling longer than it is. It also enables us to better enjoy our lives outside of work. To help with … [Read more...]

Another Tool for Soloproneurs: Data Visualizations

I’d never really thought about my learning style until I had to write about it for a client. As it turns out, I am a visual learner; I learn best by seeing. This makes total sense because if I want to fix something around the house, I just find a video and do what it shows me to do. But I had never really thought about how I could take my visual learning preference and use … [Read more...]

How to Exercise Your Way to Solopreneurial Success

We all know that regular exercise is good for us. It helps prevent disease, it can make it easier to control physical health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, and it enables us to get to (and stay at) a healthier weight. Exercise provides a variety of mental health benefits as well, from improving mood to easing anxiety and depression. But here’s another … [Read more...]

9 Things I Wish I Could Go Back and Say to My New Solopreneur Self

I still remember exactly how I felt when I first started freelance writing. I had a pit in my stomach that never seemed to go away as I worked against the belief that I didn’t have the training or education needed to enter this new-to-me field. Was I really good enough to make people want to read my words? To say that my anxiety and stress were sky-high is an understatement. … [Read more...]

Do You Have an Exit Plan for Your One-Person Business? Advice From a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and the Author of Your Baby’s Ugly

When I first started my writing business, the last thing I thought about was how it would all end. Still today, I find that I get so wrapped up in what I need to accomplish each day that I fail to consider what happens when I am ready to close up my laptop for good. This is partly because, as a solopreneur, I’m responsible for every aspect of my business. I can’t ask someone … [Read more...]