Evangelista Williams 

5 Misconceptions About Business Tax Deductions

Tax season is just around the corner and if you run your own business, you’d better get prepared. Business taxes can get complicated and there are a lot of misconceptions going around that make them seem like a non-issue. The fact is that the government has very strict tax regulations that don’t leave much wiggle room. It’s a good idea to back your company up with a qualified … [Read more...]

New York: The World’s Top Business Travel Destination

New York has, for decades, been widely regarded as the world’s premier destination for international business. Polling has consistently put the city as the leader of the pack, despite the rise of Shanghai in recent years. So, what makes the big apple so tantalizing? To find our explanation, we need to look at a range of factors. Business Attracts Business New York’s … [Read more...]

Top Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Vital for Small Business

As a savvy, small or online-based business owner you should have an appropriate business strategy in place for your brand. All important in this strategy is your content marketing. If your content marketing is not aligned with your business plan, you will struggle to drive business to your site. You may lose your existing clients and fail to make new ones. Running effective … [Read more...]

Why it’s Important to Track Your Business’s Delivery Vehicles

If you’re a business owner who utilizes fleet vehicles, you know how stressful it can be keeping tabs on all of your drivers and their whereabouts at any given moment. This is why it’s essential you invest in a tracking service to make sure your drivers are where they say they are, and your inventory is being transported safely. Below, we go over several reasons why it’s … [Read more...]