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New York: The World’s Top Business Travel Destination

New York: The World’s Top Business Travel Destination

New York has, for decades, been widely regarded as the world’s premier destination for international business. Polling has consistently put the city as the leader of the pack, despite the rise of Shanghai in recent years. So, what makes the big apple so tantalizing? To find our explanation, we need to look at a range of factors.

Business Attracts Business

New York’s attractiveness to business is, to some extent, self-reinforcing. The more businesses set up shop in the city, the more attractive it becomes to other businesses. Condensing high-value industries like tech, banking, and entertainment into a single space makes it all but critical that new businesses in the same sectors will need to move there. After all, the opportunities for networking are too great to be ignored. New York is therefore an obvious venue for conferences, meetings, award ceremonies, and other corporate get-togethers.

Business with Pleasure

The most successful businesses depend on attracting the right talent from around the world. And to do this, they’ll need to offer something more than a simple pay check. New York has enormous cultural clout, and its skyline and culture are recognized around the world thanks to popular entertainment. As such, businesses based here find it easier to attract a skilled workforce.

Food and Drink

The city is packed with quality coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, which makes it easy to find somewhere to spend just about every night. Business travelers on day trips to the city will therefore have an easy time occupying themselves outside of working hours. Indeed, many young professionals in the city elect to spend time outside of work in front of laptops at its local café, and thus there’s a vibrant culture running which permits this behavior.

Sights to See

On a similar note, those visiting the city for the first time will have the opportunity to check out many of the attractions that they’re already familiar with, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park.


As you might imagine, the city also boasts a broad range of accommodation, ranging from the functional to the luxurious. As such, it’ll be able to cater to wealthy clients and collaborators who might wish to visit from further afield, and benefit from the hotels and serviced apartments New York has to offer. This doesn’t just benefit the extremely high-value businesses, but also smaller and mid-size ones who might benefit from the attention of those high-rollers.

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by Evangelista Williams // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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