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Necessities for Any Business Trip During COVID-19

Necessities for Any Business Trip During COVID-19

Many businesses have been able to survive the trying times of COVID-19, but not without making a myriad of adjustments to the way they operate. To succeed during this pandemic, you will need to have some essential items as your travel for business trips. The following are some of the necessities that you should consider.


One thing that you will have to get for business survival are extra masks for you and your colleagues. You should try to do everything that you can to ensure that your workers, customers and business partners avoid transmitting or receiving COVID-19 especially if you are traveling. The best way to do that is to implement a mask-wearing policy as you make your way to your destination. Not everyone will remember to show up at a conference with a mask and it is easy to forget. Therefore, you have to be prepared to provide them with masks if they don’t have any for the event. Search for some deals on masks that won’t damage your budget, but ensure that the masks meet the CDC’s guidelines when it comes to protecting other people.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an easy item to bring, doesn’t require that much room in your luggage, and bringing some along will be beneficial to you and others at the business event. You also might consider ordering a bulk amount of small containers of hand sanitizer so everyone can have their own as they travel. You will want to be sure that anyone can sanitize his or her hands at any time during the trip. The combination of the hand sanitizer and the masks will minimize the number of cases that your establishment sees.


Investing in digital thermometers is a great way to stay abreast of what’s going on with people during the pandemic. You can order bulk thermometers with disposable covers to continue to decrease the risk of transmission and each person can test themselves while on the trip to ensure that they have a normal temperature. If their temperature is a bit high, they will be able to know sooner rather than later if they are around a lot of people. A fever is one of the early signs of a possible COVID-19 infection, so it would be better to know if you have a fever before entering a large group of people.

Self-Assessment App

You can also invest in a self-assessment COVID-19 app for your employees. That way, they can perform a self-assessment before, during, and after their business trip. The app will ask your employees questions about various symptoms that are related to COVID-19. If they have any of those symptoms, the app might guide them to not attend the business event and to get tested by a professional in the area. Your business can handle those cases how it sees fit.

Extra Space

You will want to provide or ensure that there is extra space at your business event to allow for social distancing. Everyone should stay at least six feet away from each other so that there is limited contact between people during coughing, sneezing or other such bodily reactions. You can look into getting some Omaha conference rooms for rent that are big enough to accommodate the need for additional space. You can choose from a variety of large rooms where you can hold meetings or offer meals to your business partners and employees if you need to.

Extra Employees

Finally, you will likely need to hire a handful of additional employees back at the office to help you get through this period. With so many people getting sick, you’re going to have to have workers who can come in and cover shifts if you are away on a business trip. Furthermore, the overall demands of your business might be greater since people have a limited number of choices as to where they can do business. To remedy this issue, you can hire temporary or permanent workers to meet the needs of your business as you see fit. That way, you’ll be covered if a swarm of call-outs and extra business comes your way.

Start Getting Your Business Ready for COVID-19

Now you know what you’re going to need while you are on a business trip during the pandemic. Start getting these essential items ready now so that you and your employees can flourish through the best and worst of it all.

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