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How to Prepare for A Hassle-Free Business Trip

While technology has made business communication a lot easier, there are bound to be circumstances that merit a trip abroad. Business trips represent one of the critical factors why businesses engage in better and foundationally stronger associations, and they will forever stay relevant. Make no mistake though, if you fail to prepare appropriately and in advance, business trips … [Read more...]

The Side-Effects of Frequent Business Travel: How to Cope with Anxiety and Stress

Traveling the world, even if it’s for work, is something that many people dream of. The idea of holding a frequent flyer membership and covering large distances every month seems appealing, especially to those who are stuck with tedious administrative work at the office. Throw in breathtaking destinations, 5-star hotels, business class seats, and all the other luxuries that … [Read more...]

How to Enjoy Traveling for Business

If your job means that you travel around a lot, it’s hard to settle down and relax in every place you end up. Home is always going to be your favorite place to be and nothing beats the feeling of relaxing and unwinding after a long day’s work, in the comfort of your own home. So, how do you get to enjoy that relaxed feeling whilst you are away? Here are a few ideas: Do Your … [Read more...]

New York: The World’s Top Business Travel Destination

New York has, for decades, been widely regarded as the world’s premier destination for international business. Polling has consistently put the city as the leader of the pack, despite the rise of Shanghai in recent years. So, what makes the big apple so tantalizing? To find our explanation, we need to look at a range of factors. Business Attracts Business New York’s … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Next Business Trip Your Best Friend

If you've gone on business trips before, you know what a hassle they can be. There are so many things to consider when going across country or abroad for your work. You not only need to pack personal stuff, but you also need to ensure that you're packing to impress your partners or clients. There are also all those minute details that you need to consider. Maybe your first … [Read more...]

Best US Airports for Business Travelers

If you regularly fly within the US for business, then you’ll no doubt have your own opinion on the best airports to pass through, but we thought we’d compile this guide based on recent magazine and website polls to give you an idea what to expect from each. Before we get stuck in, it’s a good idea to clarify exactly what we think makes some airports better than others for … [Read more...]

7 Genius Business Travel Secrets from Frequent Flyers

If you spend a lot of your time travelling for work, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways you can make it a little bit easier—whether it’s a hack for speeding-up your check-in, advice on how to pack, or some other time, money, or sanity-saving tip. We’ve rounded up some first-class travel secrets from frequent flyers who really know they’re stuff! Keep to the Left If … [Read more...]

How to Travel Comfortably (Even If You’re Not In First Class)

I’ve flown a fair amount over the last couple years and every time I walk past the people sitting in first class, my eyes glaze over with envy. Sure, I could pony up the extra few hundred dollars to take one of those plush seats with the extra leg room and a hot towel for my face, but the reality is that I won’t do it. My friends call it cheap. I call it being frugal. The … [Read more...]

The Best Unexpected Places to Network defines networking as “creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular communications for mutual benefit.” And some of the most common places to meet these types of professional contacts include Chamber of Commerce get-togethers, field-based events and trainings, referrals from family and friends, or pretty much any … [Read more...]