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The Benefits of Flying Business Class

The Benefits of Flying Business Class

Whenever you book a coach seat on a commercial flight, you will be asked if you would like to upgrade to business or first class. You may think that it is not worth paying additional money as flights are not that long. However, there are some benefits to business class that you have not considered.

It Is Called Business Class for a Reason

If you are traveling for work, it is important to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to get to work. You also want to look your best.

The seats are much larger and more comfortable in business class flights. You can often lay them all the way back to take a nap. You may even have room to hang a jacket.

If you sit in a coach seat for several hours, you are unlikely to be able to lie back and take a nap. Depending on who is sitting next to you, you may have trouble moving your arms. If you are going directly to a meeting after you land, no one will be impressed if your clothes are rumpled and you appear to be falling asleep.

Consider How Much Baggage You are Going to Take

If you are taking a single piece of carry-on luggage on a very short flight, you may be able to deal with a coach sheet. If you are planning on taking more than a few clothes, you will have to check your bags in.

Most airlines nowadays charge you for checking even one piece of baggage. It can often be as much as $35 a bag. If you are traveling somewhere for a long period of time. It may not be that much more expensive to fly business class,

It Can be Part of Your Vacation Experience

If you are traveling for a vacation, there is a good chance that you have been planning your trip for a long time. You are probably looking forward to staying in a nice hotel and seeing the sites the place you are visiting has to offer.

Flying coach is no way to start a trip. Being crammed into a tiny seat can cause cramping and even blood clotting. If you are traveling with children, they may have no room to move around and that can make them irritable. Who wants to start a vacation feeling uncomfortable and exhausted?

You may be given one complimentary soft drink on some airlines and you will have to pay for your food which will normally be overpriced. Hot meals are rarely served in coach.

If you fly business class, you will not only get a more comfortable seat, your flight will be part of your adventure. In some airports, certain airlines will have a business class lounge with free snacks, games, movies, and even showers. You will get to board the plane first and you will get hot gourmet meals and wine included in the price of your ticket. You will arrive at your destination happy and relaxed.

Between getting to the airport and getting through security, flying can be stressful. A business class seat can make it all worthwhile.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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