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Why it’s Important to Track Your Business’s Delivery Vehicles

Why it’s Important to Track Your Business’s Delivery Vehicles

If you’re a business owner who utilizes fleet vehicles, you know how stressful it can be keeping tabs on all of your drivers and their whereabouts at any given moment. This is why it’s essential you invest in a tracking service to make sure your drivers are where they say they are, and your inventory is being transported safely. Below, we go over several reasons why it’s important to track business delivery vehicles.

Tracks Drivers

One of the best benefits of fleet tracking is having the ability to track your drivers and manage your fleet better. With fleet tracking, a GPS system will show all of your drivers and vehicles on a map. This allows you to know exactly where your employees are and whether they are spending too much time at a particular location or diverting from their scheduled route.

Additionally, a GPS tracking device allows you to track your vehicles if they were ever to get stolen. Fleet trucks and vans are expensive assets, so keeping a watchful eye on them at all times will ensure your vehicles, and the inventory they’re transporting, are under lock.

Saves Money

Tracking your business’s delivery vehicles is also a great way to save money. By having all of your vehicle’s locations on a map, you’ll be able to make decisions in real-time. For example, there may be a long line of traffic due to an accident or construction that will delay your driver by an hour or two. With fleet tracking, you’ll be able to look at alternate routes and have your driver follow new directions to reach their location faster. This will also save gas that would otherwise be wasted from idling and will allow you to search for the cheapest gas stations along the route.

Additionally, installing a fleet tracking system in your delivery vehicles will also save you money on insurance premiums. Having GPS tracking devices installed in your fleet will improve safety and reduce the number of claims, which will lower the cost of your insurance.

Improves Safety

Not only will you save money by tracking your business’s delivery vehicles, but your drivers will also be safer. With a fleet tracking system, your drivers will be more alert and attentive knowing they’re being monitored. With fleet tracking, you can send alerts to your employees when they’re exhibiting unsafe driving behavior like speeding, and you can keep safety report cards for each employee. Additionally, if an employee is experiencing a roadside emergency, such as a flat tire or smoking engine, they’ll be able to contact you and authorities for help immediately.

Increases Productivity and Profits

A fleet tracking device is an excellent way to increase the productivity of your fleet drivers. With a real-time overview of your vehicles, you’ll be able to make more accurate estimates for when deliveries will be made, which will allow you to compete with other businesses. In the age of Amazon and drone deliveries, getting products to consumers and businesses as soon as possible is the key to survival.

Along with rerouting your drivers to get past traffic and take shorter routes to get to their destination, a fleet tracking device will enable you to ensure your van fleet is working for you to increase your profits. Ways to increase your profits using delivery vehicles include:

  • Placing advertisements on your vehicles, whether your own company’s name or other businesses
  • Renting out your fleet vehicles when they’re not in use
  • Delivering goods for other companies when your vehicles are not in use
  • Offering to deliver for charities to give back to your community

Simplifies Maintenance

A vehicle tracker will enable you to properly maintain all of your delivery vehicles. By tracking your delivery vehicles, you can create maintenance schedules so you know when each vehicle needs to be repaired or serviced. This will also cut down on emergencies, such as flat or worn tires, which will also improve the safety of your drivers. Fleet trackers:

  • Increase the longevity of your fleet
  • Ensure insurance and registrations are up to date
  • Allow drivers to create inspection checklists
  • Prevent delays caused by emergencies due to maintenance problems

The Bottom Line

Tracking your business’s delivery vehicles is crucial if you own a company that utilizes fleet drivers. A fleet tracker allows you to monitor your employees, improve safety, increase profits, and so much more. With these benefits, you’ll see increased efficiency across the board in no time.

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by Evangelista Williams // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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