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5 Ways to Ensure Your Van Fleet Is Working for You

5 Ways to Ensure Your Van Fleet Is Working for You

Vans and vehicles in general are costly things, so we are told! Although in many ways this is true, it doesn’t exactly ring 100% true. If you are careful, there are ways in which the expenses can be minimized and certain ways in which you can even make sure your vans are making money for you. After all ,any business expenditure needs to be justified, doesn’t it?

Keep on Top of Maintenance

There’s few things more costly than having a van stuck at the side of the road losing you time and costing you in more ways than one. You will have staff being paid to stand at the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Then, there will be the time and expense of the repairs, and obviously, the van is not getting where it’s supposed to be. You can save money on costly breakdowns by ensuring vehicle maintenance is kept up to date. You should ensure staff perform an inspection and checklist regularly and report any issues, no matter how small.

Use Your Vehicles to Advertise

If you don’t have signage on your vehicle, you are really missing a trick and should be looking at getting your company name, at the very least, on the vehicle. After the initial cost is recouped, you have free advertising for the rest of the vehicle’s lifetime. It’s very easy to get done and there are various ways of doing it with temporary measures such as magnetic signs and vinyl wraps, to a more permanent paint job.

Ensure Registration and Insurance Are Up to Date

You need to make sure that the registration and insurance on all your vehicles are up to date, as it’s a very costly mistake to be caught out without either of these. Driving without insurance can be lots of penalty points on your licence and will cost you in heightened insurance premiums in the future. It’s very easy to compare van insurers online to make sure you get the best deal. 

Keep Track of Your Vehicles

If you have employees who are working remotely and you don’t have the ability to directly monitor them, then an easy way of checking what they are up to is to use vehicle tracking. By doing so, you can see if they are at the place they are supposed to be on time and if they are taking too long on breaks or travelling between job sites.

Make Downtime Work

If you have vehicles that are not in use all of the time, you can do well to think of other uses for them that can make you money. You could offer to hire them out to other people. You can always get in touch with other businesses and firms to see if you could charge them to do deliveries for them. You could even offer to let charities use your vans to give something back to the local community.

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