Best Blog Post Topics for Small Businesses

Introduction Why do small businesses often have blogs on their websites? Blogs are a great way to share your small business’s achievements, goals, history, and more. They also come with the added benefit of increasing the searchability of your business when you incorporate SEO terminology into your blogs. So where do you start? Creating a blog without a plan can lead to … [Read more...]

5 Essential Copywriting Tips for Your New Line of Pet Apparel

Launching a new line of pet apparel is an exciting time for any animal lover who also happens to be a savvy business owner. It is, after all, a great time to get into the pet business, as the industry is projected to see a significant increase in sales in the next few years. Releasing a clothing line for pets now, whether you’ve already dabbled in selling pet merchandise or … [Read more...]

What Content Assets Can My Marketing Team Create To Sell Our Products?

Retailers have so much competition for most products that simply having low prices or great service isn’t enough to guarantee success. Since shoppers can struggle with having too many options, though, reaching them with compelling marketing will help them dodge difficult decisions — but creating marketing materials of that quality is a significant undertaking. In short, being a … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Increase Traffic with Blog Writing Tricks: Online Writing Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

There are a variety of simple changes that you can make to your blog writing that can increase traffic to your blog and have a significant effect on its long-term growth. Rather than relying on search engine optimization (SEO) tricks that could get your blog flagged as spam in a future Google algorithm change or a change by other leading search engines, focus on writing blog … [Read more...]

4 Entrepreneurial Ventures to Consider

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, you're probably itching to explore beyond your traditional work environment. You'll be able to make your own hours, be more selective about your work, and achieve a proper work-life balance-- what’s not to love? If you want to be in charge of your own success, but aren't sure what entrepreneurial path is best for you, consider these … [Read more...]

Keeping Customers Interested During the Lockdown: An Essential Guide

The USA is slowly, state by state, being reopened following the shelter in place restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. However, with warnings of a second wave of the virus and the possibility of the full lockdown coming back into force, businesses need to be prepared for whatever the future may hold. A key part of this preparation involves keeping your … [Read more...]

A Chat with a Solopreneur

Alyssa is an solopreneur who, in the spare bedroom of her apartment, publishes a popular blog. We sat down with her to see how she does it, and to see what advice she has for our readers. Welcome, Alyssa, and thank you for donating some of your time. I know you’re a very busy solopreneur, and I know that our readers appreciate sharing some of your insights with us. Don’t … [Read more...]

How to Ruin a Blog, Post, or Text

Blame it on the popularity of texting or on the widespread use of social media, but its undeniable that everyone is adding too many embellishments to their writing by adding exclamation points, italics, and ellipses to try to improve a piece of text. More often it succeeds only in doing the opposite. Think of these additions like they are jewelry. An exclamation point is one … [Read more...]

What Are Some Proven Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales?

A good product or service does not guarantee that you will have no problem making sales, and attracting the right demographic to your website is no easy feat to accomplish if you are not at the top of your marketing strategy game, which only adds to the difficulty of making sales. The challenge of making sales can be fun, but if you do not see any success, it will not be … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Marketing your Restaurant Online

Competition in the culinary world can be fierce, especially in an area saturated with good eateries. Marketing your restaurant has to be done efficiently and effectively for it to stand a good chance of survival. Continue reading for our five top tips that will help you market your business online. Establish an Online Presence via Social Media We hear the term ‘online … [Read more...]