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How to Gain Startup Experience as an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Just about anybody who has any sort of entrepreneurial spirit dreams of being the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. It’s an intoxicating thought to start a business that transforms an industry and makes you rich in the process.  The problem is that for every Elon Musk there are thousands of failed entrepreneurs. There is no set road map to reaching your goal which makes it even … [Read more...]

How IT Consulting Can Benefit Businesses

As technology keeps improving and expanding at breakneck speeds, businesses often have to run to catch up. Technology can make or break a business, so if you want your business to grow, it’s important to implement technology in a variety of ways. The only downside to using new technology is that you may come across issues with the technology that require assistance. To help … [Read more...]

5 Free Resources for Solopreneurs Struggling Due to the Coronavirus

Though the coronavirus stimulus package provides monies for small businesses, there is still some confusion about how much help you can receive as a solopreneur, independent contractor, or freelancer. This can make running your one-person business even more stressful because you aren’t quite sure what resources are available. While I certainly don’t have any answers as to … [Read more...]

Common Sense Marketing: 5 Questions with Robert Fukui, CEO of High Point Marketing

Robert Fukui, President and CEO of High Point Marketing, talks about how his years of experience in sales and marketing led him to start his own marketing consulting business. What are the primary service(s) or product(s) that your business provides? My company offers marketing consulting that provides strategies to increase profits by focusing on a internal improvements … [Read more...]

Take the Mystery Out of Hiring a Consultant

The client-consultant relationship can be a fruitful one for both parties. Over time, consultants and their clients build the kind of trust that allows for creativity and collaboration. The hardest part of building the client-consultant relationship is taking the first steps that move both parties from conversations about what they can do together to creating a plan – and a … [Read more...]