Customer Service

Want to Provide Customers with a Great Experience? Take Notes from This Long Beach Architect

Providing a great customer experience is something many small business owners struggle with. Small businesses typically have limited resources (including staff) and are often stretched thin just to keep their businesses afloat. As a result, customer experience matters are often put on the backburner due to more pressing demands. But what if providing a great customer … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses Can Properly Handle Customer Returns and Refunds

Customer complaints, returns, and refunds are said to be an inevitable part of every business, big or small. How you handle customer returns and refunds, however, speaks a lot about your company’s customer service. In today’s competitive business industry, top-notch customer service is an earmark of success you shouldn’t ignore. Buyer Returns and Refunds Handling Tips to … [Read more...]

UK Research Reveals How Speech Analytics is Helping Call Centers Improve Their Customer Service Levels

Businesses are discovering how critical the contact center is to their success. They do not receive the hype they deserve despite their role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Well, COVID-19 altered the perspective, revealing how crucial the call center can be. But your call center can’t function alone. Innovative tools like speech analytics are critical for measuring agent … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out

In today's climate, there are millions of businesses across many different industries. With the oversaturation of the market, you must find a way for your business to stand out. There are many different ways to do so; here are five simple ways you can help your business stand out. A Strong Social Media Presence Social media is the most prominent way of connecting with people. … [Read more...]

9 Live Chat Best Practices For Superior Customer Service

With the advancement in technology, most shopping activities happen online. Customers use the Internet to find relevant information about particular products before making any purchase decision. For customers to visit and make a purchase from your website, you need to offer exceptional customer support. Good customer service will benefit your business in the long run since … [Read more...]

6 Reasons to Have 1-800 Numbers for Your Business

Good customer service is a factor that makes a business gain a good reputation. But, if customers find it difficult to get a hold of an agent, chances are, feedback will go unheard of and affect the business anyway. Setting up a toll-free number for customers makes it easier to reach you. A toll-free number comes with a few benefits, namely the following. Customer Satisfaction … [Read more...]

How to Inspire Loyalty to Grow Your Online Business

It’s one thing to have customers that shop at your ecommerce store, but it’s quite another to have loyal fans that love what you do. These are the people that become a backbone to your business and are the reason for your success. If you are struggling for repeat business, then it means that you haven’t done enough to transform your customers into loyal fans. It isn’t … [Read more...]

How to Get Your eCommerce Store Ready for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a crucial time of the year for all businesses, but especially for online retailers. eCommerce sites see up to 120% more visits on days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, and during the holidays, the daily traffic is up by nearly 65%. This year, despite the ongoing Coronavirus, consumers plan to spend more than $997 on holiday items and gifts, according to … [Read more...]

Management Strategies for Improving Customer Experience

It is advantageous for companies and contact center managers to enhance their customer experience as implementing a unique and customer-centric strategy offers businesses a competitive advantage over industry rivals. Making customers happy is the best customer experience strategy and entails making memorable impressions in daily interactions with customers. When clients have … [Read more...]

How To Keep Your Customers Happy

Opening a new business is one of the toughest and riskiest decisions that a person can make. It takes a lot of market knowledge, time, effort, and finances to make it successful. Sometimes even the right strategies might not be enough, which is why many people fail and end up with debt on their name. There are plenty of things that you should consider after you open your … [Read more...]